New Beginnings For Paranormal At Bodmin Jail As Attraction Appoints New Paranormal Manager

August 04, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal
Bodmin Jail Attraction, Cornwall
Bodmin Jail, the historic Cornish prison that houses a haunting attraction, has announced an exciting development in its paranormal offerings. Joseph Carter has taken the helm as the new Paranormal Manager, bringing with him an academic background in Hauntology and a vision to reenergise and reimagine the spine-chilling spectacles of this infamous site.

Nestled in the Cornish countryside, the eerie Bodmin Jail has long fascinated those with a penchant for the paranormal. Originally established in 1779 as a repository for murderers and petty criminals, the site earned a chilling reputation as a brutal penal institution where punishment, often death, was meted out for crimes as trivial as cattle theft. Today, the disused jail has transformed into a luxury hotel and hauntingly captivating tourist attraction.

In a blog post on the Bodmin Jail Attraction's official website, Joseph expressed his passion for the role, ensuring that all paranormal investigations would be guided by "Honesty, Integrity, and Curiosity". The newly appointed manager aims to harmonise spiritual and academic approaches, by bringing a rich body of research into the ghostly inhabitants of the jail.

Recounting a recent experience, Joseph describes encountering an apparition of a lady who moved through the court room at the hear of the attraction. According to Joseph, such unexpected encounters are common due to the building's layered history, with apparitions often appearing where least expected.
Bodmin Jail Hotel & Attraction, Cornwall

Over the years, visitors have reported an array of eerie events. Tales abound of objects hurling across cells, blood-curdling screams piercing the silence, and the ethereal figure of a priest haunting the old chapel. The site's dark past still lingers, and guests have the unique opportunity to explore this eerie past through bone-chilling guided tours or the daring 'After Dark' events, retracing the steps of previous ghost hunters.

Particularly notorious is the now-inaccessible cellar, once warmed by a large fire, and cited as the most unsettling area of the prison. In this section, the vestiges of the old prison building still elicit an unnerving sense of foreboding, testament to the site's brutal past.

Among the stories of former inmates, the peculiar account of Anne Jefferies stands out. Accused of being a changeling with legendary healing powers, Anne's tale of survival in solitary confinement without food, sustained only by her claims of being fed by fairies visiting her cell at night, adds to the unique tapestry of the prison's haunting history.

Joseph emphasises the coexistence of past and present, likening it to "a gothic chapel now transformed into flats, a standing stone weathered by time, or a tree warped by the sea winds." Writing about the evolution of Bodmin Jail, Joseph stated, "from housing prisoners to becoming a raucous nightclub, now a stunning tourist attraction and luxury hotel. Perhaps - by our keeping it alive โ€“ the building, and its residents, have continued to observe us as much as we try to observe them."

Exciting developments await Bodmin Jail's paranormal enthusiasts in the coming months. In September, the launch of the newest event, 'Haunted at Bodmin Jail', will invite guests to discover the site's dark heritage and engage with traditional spiritualist methods to encounter the spectres of the historical building. Encouraging visitors to explore unseen parts of the site and spend time alone in the dark, this experience promises a deeper connection with the echoes of the past.

Also, a unique event featuring Dr. Kate Cherrell, known from Burials & Beyond and Discovery+'s 'Haunted Homecoming', is set for Sunday, October 22. Kate will share her acclaimed talk, 'An Introduction to Victorian Spiritualism', imparting stories of history's most colourful mediums and secrets of spirit contact.

Embracing a new direction under the guidance of Joseph, Bodmin Jail looks set to delve deeper into the spectral world, offering its guests an immersive, academic, and spiritually enriching exploration of the paranormal. With a great summer season in sight, and the anticipation of the upcoming spooky season, Bodmin Jail continues to solidify its place as a must-visit destination for paranormal enthusiasts.

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