Bruce Forsyth Ouija Board

August 19, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ GamesTelevision
Bruce Forsyth
The British broadcasting legend Bruce Forsyth passed away this week at a grand old age of 89, didn't he do well?! He was the beloved host of countless television shows including 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

In his long-running career with the BBC he's presented 'The Generation Game', 'Play Your Cards Right' and 'The Price Is Right' to name a few. With all these television classic under his belt, you might think the star was the best thing since sliced bread but actually, Bruce had been around longer than the sliced loaf, which first went on sale in July 1928, about five months after baby Bruce arrived.

Bruce will be sadly missed on British television, it was always nice to see him. If you're already feeling the void left by Brucey, then you can re-live some of his classic catchphrases with this specially commissioned spirit board...

Bruce Forsyth Catchphrase Game


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