Test Your Demonology Knowledge

October 25, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ GamesParanormalDemonology
Demonic Faces
Do you think you have the required knowledge to follow in the footsteps of some of the most famous demonologists of all time, like the legendary Ed and Lorraine Warren?

This tough demonology quiz will test your knowledge of the basic principles of demons, demonic hauntings, possession and demonic attachments.

1. Which of these statements accurately describes demonology?

2. Where do stories of demons originate from?

3. Which of these definitions describes a demon?

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4. What do demonologists call the place that demons come from?

5. If a demon takes an animal form, which animal is the most common?

6. In demonic hauntings, phenomena usually occurs in groups of how many incidents?

7. What is it called when a demon takes control of an inanimate object?

8. Which of these semi-precious stones is said to protect against demonic possession?

9. What is it called when a demon takes control of a human's body?

10. Why should you never say a demon's name aloud?

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11. How can you stop demons coming through after a Ouija board session?

12. In the practice of smudging, which dried herb is burnt in order to drive away demons?

13. What substance can be used to draw a protective circle on the floor which demons cannot enter?

14. What is it called when someone voluntarily lets a demon enter their body?

15. Which of these is NOT a way that demons are said to enter the body?

16. Which of these semi-precious stones is said to ward off demons?

17. Why should you never bring a second-hand item into your home without first spiritually cleansing it?

18. Which of these is most often heard in an EVP recording if a demon is trying to communicate?

19. Which of these is a typical sign that someone is possessed by a demon?

20. Which of these is a common occurrence in a demonic haunting?


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