Glass Mysteriously Thrown During Ghost Hunt At The Nunnery In Worcestershire

By Steve Higgins
April 05, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal Investigation ReportsParanormal

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The Nunnery Worcestershire

Nestled at the foot of the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire is an old convent, originally home to 250 nuns for over a century, the nunnery closed in 1989. With an impressive chapel, sprawling corridors and plenty of dark rooms to explore, The Nunnery proved to be an interesting location for a ghost hunt.

I joined paranormal events company, Haunted Happenings (HH), who give members of the public the chance to book on to ghost hunts. It's a fun way to spend an evening, not only do you get the rare opportunity to look around fascinating buildings like The Nunnery, but you also get to try your hand at ghost hunting using various gadgets and pieces of equipment, all of which are explained to you by HH's expert team members.

With limited parking on site, our hosts for the night met us in a nearby carpark and guided me and the other 40 guests through an eerie patch of woodland in the dark, making our arrival at the disused building all the more creepy. The Nunnery has no electricity at all, so inside we found ourselves in total darkness, left to explore the vast site by torchlight.

Built in 1879, The Nunnery is a fascinating place. Although not lived in by nuns for over thirty years, the building appears to have been used at times since for various purposes.

After a quick welcome to the property by HH's team members, Jill, Louise and Michael, we headed out into the dilapidated convent for a night of ghost hunting. The evening began with a tour of the location, including the atmospheric basement where visitors have reported seeing shadow figures, witnessed objects being moved, and heard unexplained sounds.
The Nunnery Worcestershire

The most interesting incident of the event happened in the huge, magnificent Gothic-style chapel during our second vigil of the night. At this point the guests had been split down in to three teams, so there were 12 of us stood in a circle around various pieces of ghost hunting equipment on the wooden floor. We were taking it in turns to call out to any spirits that might haunt this part of the building.

As one guest spoke aloud to introduce herself to any unseen entities, there was a very loud tap, the unmistakable sound of something falling. The sound had come from the middle of the circle, and since we weren't in total darkness and our eyes had adjusted to the dark, some of the guests had seen what had happened.

One guest said, "it was like plastic, it bounced off something here and went over there." Another guest picked up the object in question, he'd seen it hit a ghost hunting device in the middle of the circle and bounce off, this is why the sound was so loud.

At first we thought it was a piece of transparent plastic, but on closer inspection it was a small piece of glass, less than one centimetre square.

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Glass Thrown At The Nunnery Worcestershire

Looking up at the vaulted ceiling above us, revealed no clues as to the source of the falling object. There were no light fittings or sky lights and the glass fell in the middle of the room, as far away as you can be from the chapel's walls. After a thorough search later I could find no other broken glass nearby or anything with glass in it that might be the cause.

It would be quite easy to flick a piece of glass across the room and get away with it due to the low light, but I don't think there was any foul play going on. The 11 other guests I was with all seemed very honest and keen to search for proof of the paranormal rather than fake it.

Listen to the moment the glass landed

It's possible there could be some other rational explanations for the activity, but nothing was immediately obvious on the night, which leads me to conclude that the incident was unexplained. As a skeptic this is pretty much top marks, unless a full-blown apparition walked out in front of us and was caught on camera, 'unexplained' is really the best we can hope for.
The Nunnery Worcestershire

The rest of the event consisted of vigils across various parts of the building, including the old dining room and kitchen areas, where we tried our hand at some table tipping, which worked well, it was clear to see that the table was gently rocking under our fingers, at times one end even seemed to lift off of the floor.

Later in the basement, the team had laid out one of the biggest collections of ghost hunting gadgets I had ever seen. There was everything from multiple cat balls - a simple and inexpensive pet toy which flashes different coloured lights should anything move it in the dark, to various EMF meter and REM-Pods - all of which are believed to light up if a spirit gets close. There were also creepy music boxes that could be triggered by unseen forces and a device that spews out words and claims to allow the spirits to communicate with the living. It really was a sort of scatter-gun approach to ghost hunting, the more devices you have in one room, the greater chance you have of getting a hit, but this approach did work and as someone who likes gadgets, it was fun to see.

My ghost hunt at The Nunnery was a really fun night, the Haunted Happenings team were excellent as always and did their best to get everyone involved, not that the guests on this event needed much encouragement. They were all really up for it, their willingness to participate and their friendly demeanours helped to make it a memorable night. So, a big thanks to all of the Haunted Happenings team and the other guests.

If you want to hunt for spooks at The Nunnery for yourself, you can book your own ghost hunting experience at the location with Haunted Happenings, who currently had various dates available through until the end of summer 2022, you can find out more at

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