HAUNTD Launches On Halloween Night With An Evening Of Exclusive Chilling Treats

October 24, 2022 9:00 PM ‐ ParanormalTelevisionHalloween

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HAUNTD, the free-to-watch streaming platform dedicated to all things paranormal, launches this Halloween with a night of chilling treats from 8pm.

The exclusive programming will include 'An Interview With A Poltergeist', which will see comedian and ghost hunter, Barry Dodds, attempt something that no one has ever dared attempt before... interview a poltergeist.

Over the course of two days Barry, star of the movie 'The ParaPod: A Very British Ghost Hunt' and of the hugely successful ParaPod podcast series, conducted several interviews with the poltergeist that is said to reside at the infamous Black Monk house at 30 East Drive in Pontefract.

There's also a rare interview with Bil Bungay, the owner of the haunted house on East Drive, the property that was the real-life inspiration behind his supernatural horror movie, 'When The Lights Went Out'.

Launching at 8pm on October 31, the platform will offer the best quality, handpicked shows, documentaries and investigations all in one place making it easier than ever to watch the paranormal content you love.

Also on launch night, 'I Live With A Poltergeist', an interview with Lisa Manning, who filmed terrifying footage of a poltergeist at her family's home. Lisa speaks about the experience, which she says made her and her children's lives made a misery. The ghostly goings-on at their home include a chair moving across a bedroom, pots and pans being thrown violently around the kitchen, blinds moving up and down on their own and lights being switched on and off.

HAUNTD will bring fans of all things spooky more paranormal shows than you can shake a REM-Pod at. The new curated video platform contains only the best paranormal entertainment and is designed to make it easy to keep up with the latest content from your favourite teams, as well as helping you discover new shows you're sure to love.

Times are hard and we all have enough monthly subscriptions for streaming services, but that's where HAUNTD is different. The platform is completely free to watch. You don't need to register in order to enjoy the content on HAUNTED, but creating an account will unlock bonus features allowing you to follow shows so that you don't miss out on that next must-see ghost hunt.

HAUNTD is actively looking for new shows and teams to add to their ever-growing library, who will benefit from the discoverability that the platform offers video creators. Any show submitted for consideration will have to pass strict quality control checks to ensure that viewers of only get the highest possible quality of content.

Barry Dodds' interview with a poltergeist premieres on HAUNTD at 8pm on October 31, kicking off a night of paranormal programming and a new way to watch and discover the ghostly content you love. You can find out more about HAUNTD by visiting the official website at hauntd.com.

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