Haunted Scouse Investigator Locked In Padded Cell At Stoke's Haunted Museum

April 29, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ YouTubeParanormal

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Haunted Scouse At Stoke's Haunted Museum

Adam and Chris from Haunted Scouse spent the night in Stoke-on-Trent at one of the UK's top paranormal destinations, which resulted in one of the investigators being strapped into a straight jacket in an asylum-themed room.

Opened in 2021, Stoke's Haunted Museum & Spirit Shop is known for its numerous haunted artefacts and the paranormal activity reported by visitors. The museum's most famous object is Mary, an old-looking doll that has been seen to violently rock on her chair, has been thrown out of the chair, and her eyes have been seen moving.

The museum is spread across two floors and houses several atmospheric rooms of haunted artefacts and ghost hunting paraphernalia, including an authentic Victorian-style séance room, a nursery area, and even a haunted church.

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Adam and Chris begin in a room filled with children's toys and a chair with a doll, where they use an S-box and an old television set in an attempt to generate noise to provide a potentially interactive environment for any spirits that might be present. Even before they got started they captured what appeared to be a voice. As they continued, they heard various sounds and voices through the S-box, some of which Adam described as some of the clearest voices he's heard.

As they move on, they experience unexplained activity such as devices being triggered, at times seemingly on demand, despite no apparent cause. The duo continue to explore the museum, using various devices to communicate with any spirits present. They receive a mix of responses and unexplained sounds, they wonder if these responses could directly relate to the numerous artefacts in the museum.

Upstairs, Adam jumps after feeling a presence behind him. They try to communicate with the spirits, asking for names and if anything in the room belongs to them. Approaching one of the museum's eerier items, a genuine coffin, the investigators inquire if it was the resting place of the spirit. Moments later, Chris reported feeling drained and tired since coming upstairs.

Later, they explore the asylum room which houses a wheelchair, a brutal looking electric therapy chair, and a padded cell. The duo try to get the spirits to interact with an electronic music box that plays a creepy tune when triggered by its proximity detector. The device had already triggered several times while left in the room earlier in the investigation.

The Estes Method

Haunted Scouse At Stoke's Haunted Museum

Towards the end of the night Adam and Chris returned to the asylum room, where they decided to try the "Estes Method" in the padded cell. Adam was the unlucky volunteer who would be wearing a straight jacket and strapped into a chair, while wearing a blindfold and headphones to cut off his senses. Chris then asked questions to any spirits present, while Adam reported anything he felt or heard in his sensory deprived state.

Adam reported feeling cold and sensing touches on his body. He hears different voices, including deep male tone. Chris, checks on Adam after hearing him shout and noticing some unusual activity. They discuss their experiences, and Adam mentions feeling increasingly uncomfortable towards the end of the session.

Adam and Chris wrapped up their investigation at the Haunted Museum in Stoke, expressing amazement at the paranormal activity they encountered and the various triggers they had on their equipment during the investigation. Throughout the night, Adam and Chris remained calm and respectful, acknowledging that the spirits may be attached to their respective objects on display.

The duo praise the museum's environment, created by Craig and his team, that allows spirits to feel comfortable and curious. They also note the jump scares and goosebumps they experienced throughout their visit.

Adam and Chris ended the video by encourage viewers to visit the museum themselves, which of course you can do. To book a place on an event or to find out more about visiting the Haunted Museum & Spirit Shop, check out the museum's official Facebook page, and make sure you don't miss the next investigation from Adam and Chris by subscribing to their YouTube channel, Haunted Scouse TV.

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