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Kate Ray tells us how she's trying to demystify the realm of the fae on her YouTube channel, which is a treasure trove of knowledge on elementals and the paranormal.

Kate Ray
Kate is a paranormal investigator and specialist in the realm of the fae. If that sounds familiar, then you might have seen Kate in a 2019 episode of the paranormal reality series, 'Help! My House Is Haunted'.

Kate appeared in the episode to offer one of the hosts, Barri Ghai, some advice about pixies that were haunting a home in Devon. Kate told us that after this appearance, many people with an interest in the paranormal approached Kate to ask for her advice on similar issues. She said, "I was getting messages from all different people asking me questions"

The fae, also known as fairies, are supernatural beings that are typically depicted as small, human-like creatures with magical powers and a connection to nature. In the paranormal field, they are considered to be entities that are not of the religious spectrum and have their own set of rules and behaviours.

Kate has always had an interest in the fae and over the years has learnt a lot about their behaviour and people's experiences with them. But even still, after receiving many questions, she felt a sense of imposter syndrome. This lead her to create her own YouTube channel, where she helped to definitively find the answer to some of those questions with the help of other experts in the paranormal community.

Kate's YouTube channel is now a varied resources of videos relating to the fae and the wider field of paranormal research. To help her on her quest, Kate has been joined by a wide range of guests on her channel. Everyone from those interested in the dark depths of Aleister Crowley-based practices to practicing reverends.

Kate's channel isn't just for those interested in faries, but also any ghost hunter looking to find a new understanding of what they encounter on an investigation. In many videos, Kate is joined by her co-host, Dr. Neil Rushton, who brings his expertise in folklore and personal understanding of the realms of the fae to the table, making the content accessible for all.

The term "fae" encompasses a wide range of supernatural beings that are often associated with folklore and mythology, and can even be used to refer to elementals in certain spiritual and paranormal contexts. Elementals are considered to be spirits or entities that are associated with the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water. Faries are also said to have links to nature, so the term can be interchangeable.

Over the last four years, Kate has noticed a shift in the way people view and approach the subject of fairies, with a lot more open-mindedness to the idea that there are not just energies of spirits of the dead, or the Christian demonic or angelic realms. In part, she credits television medium, Chris Fleming for this. She said, "Chris really kind of hit hard with the paranormal community on 'Help! My House Is Haunted' around the word imp."

Kate says that historically, the word "imp" rarely appears in folklore and is more often used to describe the "impish" behaviour of a being rather than a being itself. Kate reminds us that imps are often associated with the city of Lincoln. It's said that the Devil himself sent two imps to cause mayhem in the city. One of the imps is said to have been turned to stone and can be seen in the city's cathedral to this day.
The Lincoln Imp

Imps and faries are just two of the many entities that are considered to be part of the fae realm. The full list can vary depending on the culture and tradition, but some of the most common include pixies, elves, gnomes, sprites, brownies and nymphs.

Reading through this list, you might have realised that some of these beings could also be classified as cryptozoological creatures, which are creatures are animals or beings that are considered to be real but have not been proven to exist by science. Kate has also noticed this overlap between fairies and cryptozoology. She has come to the conclusion that cryptozoology is something that goes alongside the realm of the fae. Kate said, "I'm one of many people who have asked the question, is the Yeti a fairy? Is a Sasquatch a fairy? Because they have the traits of coming in and out of this material realm, and they're not spirits of the dead."

Speaking about ghost hunting, Kate said, "we pretty much know how to deal with human spirits. We've got a bit of a clue how to work with demonic energies and angelic energies." However, when it comes to fairies, it's a different story. Kate says, "it's a totally different kettle of fish, because they're not on the religious spectrum."

But, how can a ghost hunter know if they're dealing with a fairy or a human spirit? Or a demon for that matter. After all, plenty proponents of demons will tell you that they will trick you into thinking they are merely the innocent spirit of a little girl.

Kate explains, "I think as with all of these things, you are never a hundred percent certain who you're communicating with." But added that fairies have a very different feel to them, "they feel more real and more material than spirits of the dead to me, it's a very different vibrational feel."

Kate tells us, "folklorists will say that fairies are frightened of church bells and that they don't like the Lord's Prayer," the same sort of things that demons are said to be averse too. But Kate doesn't think this is the case, "they don't recognise the same things that we have in our demonology toolkit."

Kate believes that when dealing with fairies, you must try to reason with them and understand why they are there and what they are doing, in order to collaborate and create a better environment for those affected by them. According to Kate, the key thing to remember when dealing with fairies is that "they can be tricksters and mischievous, but they can't lie. They can manipulate the truth, but if you ask them direct questions, they will give you a direct answer."

Despite her ever-growing knowledge of the realm of the fae, Kate still has plenty of questions from her YouTube subscribers to answer. She said, "they want to know what these entities are, how they work, and where they fit into things." Making videos has given Kate the opportunity to explore these questions and bring on guests that she would never have been able to talk to otherwise.

Kate has had a wide range of guests on her channel, including psychic medium David Wells, Wicca expert Ashley Mortimer, Fortean Times contributor and author Reverend Peter Laws, psychologist Dr. David Luke, author and cryptozoologist Joshua Cutchin, and many more. Each guest brings their own perspective and expertise to the table, allowing for a diverse range of discussions.

Kate's channel is a valuable resource for those who are interested in the links between the paranormal and the fae. She brings a unique perspective to the paranormal community, making her channel a great place to discuss new theories and explore the complexities of the paranormal world.

You can check out Kate's ever-expanding library of videos and supernatural discussions on her YouTube channel, and be sure to subscribe so that you don't miss out on future videos. Kate drops at least one new video a month, but with 2023 promising to be a busy year for her, look out for much more from Kate over the next 12 months.

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