Help! My House Is Haunted: Balgonie Castle - Series 1, Episode 11 Review

September 22, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ ParanormalTelevision
Help! My House Is Haunted: Balgonie Castle

In the penultimate episode of REALLY's newest ghost hunting show, the team head back to Scotland to investigate a castle with a violent history, one which is home to a spectre nicknamed "Green Jeanie", as well as the ghosts of a 17th-century soldier, a dog and a hooded man.

Throughout the series, Sandy Lakdar, Barri Ghai and Chris Fleming have been travelling the length and breadth of the UK and using the latest ghost hunting gadgets to try to capture evidence of the spooks that are haunting the homes of average families. This week's average family home is Balgonie Castle on the bank of the River Leven in Scotland.

An hour from Edinburugh, in Glenrothes, Fife, is the 700 year old former stronghold. It's survived attacks, experienced brutal murders and is now a family home, but an intimidating spirit is said to endanger its inhabitants.

The castle's owners Stuart and Kelly Morris have experienced ghostly activity including disembodied voices, the apparition of a young boy in the courtyard, people feel like they're being watched, dark shadow figures are seen and eerily, a head has also been spotted floating throughout the castle.

Kelly has one experience that felt like someone was touching and breathing on her. She felt this was an evil presence, it got so bad that Kelly has even considered moving out. It's thought that the evil presence is the malevolent spirit of a priest.

There's also the ghost of grey lady known as Green Jeanie, the owners have seen her walk past one window and look out of another. Her apparition has been reported as long back as 1842 and she's been seen throughout the castle, in the courtyard and in the land surrounding the castle. She's believed to be the daughter of the second family who owned the castle, the Lundys.
Help! My House Is Haunted: Balgonie Castle

As always, the show's psychic medium, Chris, has no idea where he is going, but while driving to the castle with Barri and Sandy, he picks up on a vision of children playing. Barri and Sandy went inside to meet the owners, leaving Chris to carryout his first walk around the castle alone. Stood in the grounds looking at the ancient building, the American medium said, "this is something I don't get to see every day, this is cool. I've never been in anything like this before."

In the courtyard he felt the energy from the past of a victim of torture. Chris feels this man was striped and tortured against the castle wall. In the tower, Chris picks up on the spirit of a man and a woman he holds dear. He then moves on to the chapel, where five bodies have been found, he instantly feels something oppressive and picks up on the spirit of the priest who is said to haunt the chapel.

In an outbuilding, which was once home to a caretaker whose son tragically drowned in the nearby river, Chris pulled out his audio recorder and seem to record a sound, which sounded like "sleep with me", Chris linked this to the energy of women of the night that he'd previously picked up on outside the building.
Help! My House Is Haunted: Balgonie Castle

With the light fading outside, the team start their all night investigation. Barri began by taking a photo in the great hall, where he thinks he's captured the ghostly image of a head, which frankly is just madness. Although Chris describes it as "huge" and Barri is convinced this "astonishing evidence" really is the phantom head that's been seen floating around the castle, it's clearly nothing more than Barri's own breath caught on camera and if it's wasn't his breath, it looks nothing like a head. I'm sorry to say, I think the team are a little deluded.

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Ironically, moments later Barri and Chris going to investigate a sound they heard. Barri says "when gathering evidence, it's important to eliminate any other logical explanation first," it's a shame this rule was ignore with the ambiguous photo. The sound they heard was a female saying "hello", but sadly the voice was muffled and indistinguishable as a word in the recording.

Later, Barri, who claims to be the shows tech expert is using an SLS camera. He says, "if there are any spirit, they will be mapped on my device." This makes it sound like it is a proven fact that is any spirits are present at all, they will always be registered by this type of camera. This is not the case. The camera does its best to look for human-like figures within its field of view and the software highlights any potential matches. It is prone to false-positive matches and there is no evidence or reason to assume that it is 100% effective in detecting all spirits.

When Barri does capture a figure on camera, the flawed nature of this device is confirmed. He spots a tiny figure floating in mid-air in front of a flowerpot in the foreground, it would make the figure just a few centimetres tall. But Barri says, "to me, this one looks like a child."
Help! My House Is Haunted: Balgonie Castle

During their night-long lockdown, Sandy felt cold spots and registered strange EMF spikes on her ghost hunting gadgets in the old prison.

Meanwhile, Chris was investigating the priest's ghost in the chapel with a device called a spirit box, it scans through the AM and FM radio spectrum, and it's believed that ghosts can use the white noise to communicate. He got a few odd sounds, which he interpreted as "kids" and "yes". The device then switched itself off, which Chris things is evidence of the angry priest's ghost.

Chris and Sandy then walked down to the river to the spot where the little boy is believed to have drowned. While walking through the wooded path down to the riverbank, they heard footsteps coming from the foliage. They believe this to be the spirit of the boy, so Sandy lights some sage in the hopes that its smoke will help his spirit move on.

The investigation ended with a blessing of the building, in the hopes that their preyers will free the castle's spirits.
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