Help! My House Is Haunted: 'The Grey Lady Of Sinai' - Series 3, Episode 2 Review

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Help! My House Is Haunted: Sinai Park House

In the second episode of the new series of 'Help! My House Is Haunted', Barri Ghai, Jayne Harris and Ian Lawman are called to investigate a 14th century hunting lodge in Staffordshire with a reported 50 different ghosts, from monks to murdered maids, and a mind-blowing theory that potentially links the property to a legendary lost treasure.

Ian, the show's psychic medium, is not told anything about the property in advance, but before he even arrived he said, "I feel there's layers of different history, I certainly feel that we're going to something that's very old. It wouldn't shock me or surprise me if we don't see something timber framed."

Ian couldn't be more right, the stunning property the team have been called in to investigate is a Grade II listed home in Burton Upon Trent named Sinai Park House. If the name sounds familiar, that could be because the house was investigated by Yvette Fielding and her gang in a 2005 episode of 'Most Haunted'.

Kate Murphy, who has lived in the house for over 20 years, said "we were aware that it had the reputation of being haunted, but it wasn't until we were actually living in the property that we realised quite how powerful the building is."

As for the building's resident spooks, Kate said, "their is a story of a grey lady who was supposedly working in service here," it's said she was murdered in the house by a monk whom she fell in love with.

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Ian's Psychic Sweep

Help! My House Is Haunted: Sinai Park House

Arriving at the house on an atmospheric and misty day, Ian said, "I'm picking up so many spirit energies, I'm being pulled in different directions." Before his fellow investigators arrived, Ian spent some time alone conducting his initial investigation of the house.

During his walk around the psychic picked up on the sound of the metallic clashes of swords, which ties in with the homeowner's account that a battle once took place right outside the house. He also picked up on a female spirit, who he thought was in distress, could this be the ghost of the grey lady?

Inside, Ian picked up on the energy of a dominant male spirit with a military connection. On the upper floor Ian becomes aware of a female spirit in mourning, and in the creepy basement, Ian gets visions of a small dagger and coins.

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Jayne & Barri Begin Their Research

Help! My House Is Haunted: Sinai Park House

Meanwhile, Jayne met with David Adkins to find out more about the house and its history. David told the investigator that the house was once used by the monks from the nearby Burton Abbey. David also tells Jayne about the house's connection with the influential Paget family, who used the home as their hunting lodge for nearly 400 years.

David then blows Jayne's mind by telling her that he thinks that lost treasure transported from Jerusalem by the Knights Templar could have be hidden in a network of tunnels beneath the house. The treasure, which included gold, money and potentially even the legendary holy grail, is said to have been taken from the mythical Temple of Solomon, but the valuables have never been seen again, this could be what Ian was picking up on in the basement.

Barri was also on the hunt for answers, he went to meet Laura, who's had her own terrifying experiences at the house. Laura told Barri about an encounter she had while working there, her colleague at the time told her that this was down to the spirit of Henry Paget, a prolific war hero who was second in command at the Battle of Waterloo. Laura, who felt she'd been touched by the ghost of Henry Paget said, "it was a bit like a bit of a sleazy bloke at a party. It was pretty freaky."

As Henry Paget was a military man, could this tie in with the male spirit with a military history that Ian had picked up on?

Spirit Trigger

After coming together to share their findings, the team gather with the homeowner in the dining room to try a spirit trigger experiment. Jayne reads a psalm and plays the sound of monks chanting in the hopes this might encourage the lingering energy of any religious figures to interact with them.

During the reading, Barri had been recording audio with his trusty audio recorder. When he played back the audio they heard footsteps which had been audible just as Jayne finished her reading that they hadn't noticed at the time. It was a strong start to the night.


Help! My House Is Haunted: Sinai Park House

With the light fading outside, the team prepare for their investigation. Barri rigs eight night vision cameras throughout the three-storey home and the team are locked down inside.

Jayne is the first to brave the property, returning to the dining room, where she had an unsettling experience near the fireplace. Later, joined by Barri and Jayne, the team's REM-Pod that was placed on the table suddenly triggered, despite no one moving near by. A REM-Pod is a ghost hunting gadget that senses changes in electrostatic and beeps and lights up if anything gets close to it. The reason it triggered on this occasion was unexplained.

Towards the end of the investigation, Ian formed an emotional connection with the female spirit of the house. The information he uncovered seemed to match the story of the reported grey lady, but the entity has a much more emotional story than any of the team first imagined.


Sinai Park House is not only a beautiful location, but a fascinating one. The story of the Knights Templar's connection and the possibility that the house hides a lost treasure as important as the holy grail and the ark of the covenant is quite an incredible claim and one the team were able to follow up on during their investigation, although they weren't able to obtain any evidence to support or refute the theory.

We also got no conclusion or further evidence to back up reports that Henry Paget is responsible for some of the paranormal activity, although the team may have been experiencing his presence in the dining room.

However, the team did capture some interesting evidence on camera during their investigation, including a pipe in the cellar moving quite significantly on its own. When Barri went to investigate, he saw something moving. The movement was confirmed seconds later by a ghost hunting gadget that detects movement, seconds later a loud growl was heard. It was an interesting and dramatic moment.

The team also caught an interesting noise on camera later in their investigation, which sounded like someone laughing, as well as some seemingly intelligent responses through a spirit box while Ian conduct a séance in the dining room.

A spirit box is a device that rapidly scans through the radio spectrum, as it does the sounds of white noise and fleeting snippets of radio broadcasts can be heard. It's believed that spirits are able to change or influence these bursts of audio in order to form sounds, words or even sentences.

The voices through spirit boxes are often very unclear and debated by investigators, but one of the phrases that came through in the episode, "I have him", was exceptionally clear and seemed very relevant to their investigation.

You can watch the whole third season of 'Help! My House Is Haunted' right now on Discovery+, as well as the show's whole back catalogue.

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