How To Become Invincible

October 21, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ PotionsHalloween

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If you want to become invincible so you can never be killed or defeated by an enemy, then you should perform the following ritual. The spell will only work during the witching hour on Halloween night.

1. Light A Candle

Invincibility Potion

As it's Halloween, instead of my usual cauldron, I'm going to brew this potion in a pumpkin by candle light.

2. Add Cursed Water

Invincibility Potion

First of all, pour in one bottle of cursed water. My water was cursed by the deceased evil monster, Richard Hillman.

3. Add A Death Worm

Invincibility Potion

Next add in a whole death worm, this come pickled in worm juice and make a delicious snack.

4. Add Blood Orange

Invincibility Potion

Next add in three segments from a fresh blood orange.

5. Add Powdered Unicorn Hoof

Invincibility Potion

Finally sprinkle in some powdered unicorn hoof from the foot of a unicorn. You can either grind this yourself or buy it pre-ground.

6. Serve

Invincibility Potion

Then, as always, stir well your mixture well and serve some of your concoction in a glass. Drink the whole glass of potion to start your transformation. The sensation is very painful, but this is the last time you'll ever feel pain.

7. Activate The Curse

Invincibility Potion

You'll then need to activate the spell by holding aloft your magic wand and saying the magic words, "I have the power."

8. Live Forever

Invincibility Potion

Once the spell is complete, you'll become invincible, you won't feel pain no matter what happens to you. You could be hit by a bus, stuck in the midst of a tornado, caught in a fiery explosion, and even withstand a nuclear blast. Not only that, but you won't be effected by dark magic like the killing curse, and you can even drink deadly poison without it doing you any harm.

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