How To Transform Into A Werewolf Using Magic

January 04, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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If you'd like to scare your family and friends by becoming a werewolf, like the world's most famous werewolf, Michael J Fox, then follow these simple instructions to brew a magic potion to transform you.

You're going to need a cauldron, and a few magical ingredients...

1. Lemon

Werwolf Potion

First add in a whole lemon, cut into quarters. Its sharp flavour will ensure you have sharp teeth as a werewolf.

2. Jacobson's Black Tar

Werwolf Potion

Then add a whole bottle of Jacobson's black tar, be careful not to get any on your hands as it stains.

3. Wolf Hair

Werwolf Potion

Next add the hair of a wolf. I got my hair from a wolf called Cindy who leaves nearby.

4, Gold Coin

Werwolf Potion

Lastly add one gold coin. I stole my coin from the London Museum Of Coins & Gold Stuff.

5. Light A Candle

Werwolf Potion

Next you'll need to light an ordinary household candle system using a lit match.

6. Werewolf Spell

Werwolf Potion

Then, from the Book Of Shadows, read the Peter Heneraldson werewolf spell. It goes like this...

By the light of the moon spirits make me hairy,
With big sharp teeth and a growl that’s scary.
In the dead of night please let me howl,
And I’ll terrify my prey including an owl.
Spirits grant my wish and let me change,
I’ll be sure to groom well so I don’t end up with mange.

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7. Activate

Werwolf Potion

Then rat-a-tat-tat your magic wand against the side of your cauldron. This will cause a drop of Thomason's oil to form on the end of your wand, allow it to drip into the cauldron.

8. Reaction

Werwolf Potion

A violent reaction will take place in your cauldron, coloured light will be emitted and a strong wind or storm may form in the area you are in.

9. Collect

Werwolf Potion

Transfer a few mouthfuls of your potion into a chalice, you won't need much.

10. Drink

Werwolf Potion

Take a sip of the potion and wait for a full moon and your transformation will occur.

11. Life As A Werewolf

Werwolf Potion

Once you're a werewolf, due to the extended canines and thick fur, hygiene can become a bit of an issue so be sure to groom yourself regularly.

This potion is safe to drink but there may be some unpleasant side effects such as uncontrollable rage and howling, which can lead to a sore throat.

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