Marilyn Monroe Was Behind President John F Kennedy's Assassination

March 15, 2017 8:51 AM ‐ The ParaPod

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In this week's The ParaPod there's a reversal of roles as Ian shares a wild conspiracy theory about the death of President John F Kennedy, but will Barry be taken in by his claims?

John F Kennedy
Usually in The ParaPod Barry Dodds tell his co-host Ian Boldsworth a fairy story about a conspiracy that Barry has been sucked in by during the last seven days, but in this week's episode Ian turned the tables on Barry and told him about who he believes was behind the assassination of the US president, John F Kennedy.

Critical thinking Ian is always quick to question Barry's claims before hilariously ripping them apart but was Barry as logical? Did he question the story Ian was telling him?

SPOILER ALERT: You really should listen to this week's episode before reading any further, close your eyes and scroll down, there's a link at the bottom of the page.
Marilyn Monroe

JFK was shot in 1963 while riding in a presidential motorcade in Dallas. Within two hours, Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the murder of a police man, several hours later he was also charged with the presidential assassination.

Before Oswald could testify he was shot dead just two days later, this suspicious killing lead to the belief that he was incorrectly fingered for the killing, backed up by the fact that witnesses claim to have heard shots coming from the grassy knoll, indicating the existence of an unknown, second shooter.

Ian says he subscribes to one conspiracy theory about JTK and he started by reminding us about the relationship between the president and a very famous actress, "John F Kennedy had an affair with Marilyn Monroe. One month to the day before Kennedy was shot, Marilyn Monroe had a termination, an abortion. The abortion was paid for by Harold Bouvier, he was the brother of Jacqueline Bouvier."

Jacqueline Bouvier is Jackie Kennedy, the president's wife, her maiden name was Bouvier and it was her brother Harold who paid for the abortion.

Ian then tells us some truths about Kennedy's killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, "at this point nothing is known about Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy having an affair, nothing is known or speculated. That all came out after the event. In the questioning of Lee Harvey Oswald claimed he also had a romantic liaison with Marilyn Monroe but it was dismissed as delusional behaviour."

Ian say that as this was an outlandish claim and because there was no link Oswald and and Marilyn, especially as they didn't know about the connection between Kennedy and Marilyn, they didn't believe him and it was dismissed and never reported on, however it does exist in the transcripts of the police interviews.

Ian then pulls it all together, "so there's a potential link between Lee Harvey Oswald, the shooter and Marilyn Monroe. There's a link already between Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe because the brother of Jackie Kennedy paid for the termination that Monroe had."

"It gets better," Ian promises, "the riffle that was used in the assassination was bought without a license, it was bought privately, not by Lee Harvey Oswald it was originally traced back to William Ekaf Baker."

According to Ian, William was the brother of Norma Jean Baker. In case you're unfamiliar with that name, Norma Jean Baker was the real name of Marilyn Monroe.

Ian summerises, "Norma Jean Baker is the sister of William Ekaf Baker who bought the riffle that killed JFK."

Barry interrupts, "wow" before Ian continues with the details of the conspiracy. He goes on to tell us the Jack Ruby, the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald was part of Marilyn Monroe's security detail, "he was part of her organisation."

Why is this significant, Ian says, "well, you're eliminating a trace aren't you because Lee Harvey Oswald said under questioning that he had an affair with Marilyn Monroe."

I've never heard this story before, I don't know a huge amount about JFK's assassination so I wasn't aware that the riffle has been bought for Oswald and I had no idea about Monroe having an abortion.

Barry seemed equally as impressed by the story, his response was "f**king hell! That's mad. That's brilliant!"

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"That's been the best thing I've learnt on The ParaPod."
Barry Dodds
Then came the real kicker, Ian bluntly confessed, "I made it all up. Everything I said then was completely fictional."

Ian completely fabricated the story, including the name of Jackie Kennedy's brother. William Ekaf Baker was a made up name (hence the anagram of "fake" in the middle) and the claim that Jack Ruby was in Monroe's security team was entirely fictional, he was a nightclub owner.

There's no reports of Marilyn Monroe ever having an abortion, let alone a month to the day before JKF's assassination because Marilyn herself died over a year before Kennedy.

Barry had been so taken in by the story, he was so impressed, that when it was ripped apart in front of him he actually became emotional and started to tear up.

Ian had proved his point, Barry didn't question a single fact in the story. "I got so took in," said Barry.

Ian explained his motive, "that story was plausible, was it not? If what was in it was true but what was in it wasn't true. But the story was so exciting and fantastical, has reduced to to tears. It got hold of you so vividly, facts went out of the window and that's absolutely what happens in 9 out 10 conspiracy theories."

This is how all conspiracy theories work, they capture people's imaginations so fast that they don't stop to fact check any of the details, they don't question what they're being told.

Ian starting a conspiracy theory as a joke with no evidence and having someone believe it isn't unique either. For the last six months there has been a conspiracy circulating that claims Finland doesn't exists and back in the 1990s a school kid managed to start a campaign of fear over the dangers of the chemical dihydrogen monoxide, however this substance is more commonly known as water.


Usually Ian comes out victorious in The ParaPod for debunking Barry's claims but this week we didn't really hear Ian's true stance on the Kennedy assassination, however he is still entitled to a point for completely sucking Barry in with a fictional, fabricated, conspiracy theory of his own which Barry didn't debunk or see through.

Ian 8 - Barry 0.

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