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Yvette Fielding At The Judge's Lodging
Just in time for Halloween, Yvette Fielding kicked off the 21st series of Most Haunted by spending a night at Rowley's House in Shrewsbury, the county town of Shropshire.

The team also visited a haunted pub in Elland, the Old House in Coalville, and a former foundry turned transport museum.

They also embarked on two-part investigations of the very creepy Haden Hill House in the West Midlands and the Judges' Lodgings, Presteigne.

The series included an epic two-hour special, which aired as-live on Halloween night. It was filmed at Liverpool's Croxteth Hall, a grade II listed country estate which dates back to 1575.

With all this action and ghostly goings on, how much can you remember about the series? Test your knowledge with these 20 tricky questions...

1. What sound was recorded during Glen Hunt's EVP experiment at Croxteth Hall?

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2. What children's song did Yvette Fielding sing for the spirits of Croxteth Hall?

3. Which member of the team was missing from several investigations during the series?

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4. In which town was the bus museum that Yvette Fielding and the team investigated?

Croxteth Hall Most Haunted

5. What piece of furniture moved on its own while Karl Beattie was alone in a bedroom at Croxteth Hall?

6. What happened in front of a locked off camera at Haden Hill House?

7. What was thrown at Karl in the kitchen of The Fleece Inn?

8. What did the team find under a table at Haden Hill House?

9. What fell off of a Welsh dresser after camera man, Gregg Smith, called out to the spirits in the kitchen of the Judge's Lodging?

Most Haunted At The Fleece Inn, Elland

10. A chair was thrown while the team were interviewing the owner of which location?

11. What piece of old technology did Glen use as part of his EVP experiment at the Judge's Lodging?

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12. Which member of the team refused to enter the cellar at Haden Hill House?

13. Yvette and Glen found what had been tipped over on the mezzanine floor at The Fleece Inn?

14. While communicating with the spirits of Croxteth Hall, Yvette spelt out what using the taps produced?

Yvette, Kark & Gregg Ouija Board The Old House

15. Which item was repeatedly thrown in the cellar of The Old House?

16. Which piece of furniture opened by itself for Karl at Rowley's House?

17. What nickname did Fred Batt give the spirit of someone who died in an old furnace at the bus depot, which was once a foundry?

18. The Old House in Coalville is said to be so haunted because of which grim event happened here in its past?

19. What did Karl buy Yvette in exchange for her venturing into the creepy caller at The Old House, Coalville?

20. What object was thrown during the team's initial walk around at the Judge's Lodging in Presteigne?

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