12 Movies Like 'The Conjuring' To Keep The Scares Coming

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The Conjuring
If the latest movie in the 'Conjuring' universe, 'The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It', has left you wanting more, we've come up with a list of 12 quality supernatural horror movies with a similar feel. They are all based around violent hauntings or possession.

One of the movies we've included is even based on a real life haunting case made famous by husband-and-wife paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Although the Warrens don't appear in this particular film, they do appear in the three 'Conjuring' movies and were the inspiration behind the movie series.

1. 'The Amityville Horror' (1979)

The Amityville Horror

In 1977, Jay Anson published his book 'The Amityville Horror' which was based on an alleged real life haunting, The book went on to inspire a total of 13 Amityville movies including the 1979 horror classic 'The Amityville Horror'. The original haunting case is a mix of part classic haunting, part poltergeist disturbance and part demonic possession, all contained with a family home in Rhode Island.

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2. 'The Exorcism Of Emily Rose' (2005)

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

'The Exorcism Of Emily Rose', is based on a real-life demonic possession of Anneliese Michel that occurred at her family home in the 1970s. Anneliese was a practicing Catholic who, after suffering an epileptic seizure complained of hearing voices and seeing the Devil in visions. After doctors were unable to help her, Anneliese's family turned to the church for help, they conducted 67 exorcism sessions, one or two each week.

3. 'The Exorcist' (1973)

The Exorcist

One of the most famous horror movies of all time, complete with demonic possession, head spinning and projectile vomiting. The idea of a demonic possession isn't too far removed from reality, the Catholic church have taken possessions very seriously in the past and there have been countless real-life exorcisms. The movie is set in a family home in Washington, D.C. and based on a novel by William Peter Blatty.

4. 'Insidious' (2010)


The first of four 'Insidious' movies tells the story of the Lambert's son, Dalton, who is trapped in a mysterious comatose state. Unbeknown to his parents, the boy has become a vessel which spirits from an astral plane can use to enter our world. As a result of this, the family's home is haunted by poltergeist-like activity. The family call upon psychic, Elise Reiner to help them, she brings along her paranormal investigation team of Specs and Tucker.

5. 'When The Lights Went Out' (2012)

When the Lights Went Out

A British ghost story based on the story of the Pritchard family and their time in the UK's most haunted house on East Drive, Pontefract. The film is set in the 1960s and the movie makers have done a great job of recreating life in that period in a council house in the north of England, from clothing, to props and lifestyle this movie feels very real.

6. 'Poltergeist' (1982)


The original 1982 'Poltergeist' has the feel of a loveable Steven Spielberg family movie, with all the scares you'd expect from a Wes Craven horror. The plot revolves around a young family who are plagued by ghosts after moving into their new home. At first the ghosts appear friendly, moving objects around the house to the amusement of everyone, then they turn nasty and start to terrorise the family before they kidnap the youngest daughter.

7. 'Sinister' (2012)


Washed-up true crime writer Ellison Oswalt finds a box of super 8 home movies in his new home that suggest the murder that he is currently researching is the work of a serial killer whose legacy dates back to the 1960s.

8. 'The Beyond' (1981)

The Beyond

A young woman inherits an old hotel in Louisiana where, following a series of supernatural "accidents", she learns that the building was built over one of the entrances to Hell. Lucio Fulci working at his peak, with ghosts, zombies, and truckloads of gore, the movie has everything you could want.

9. 'The Haunting In Connecticut' (2009)

The Haunting In Connecticut

Although not part of the Conjuring series, Peter Cornwell's film is based on one of Ed and Lorraine Warren's cases, but they don't feature as characters in the movie. The Campbells' story is based on the real life case of Allen and Carmen Snedeker who, like in the movie, moved into a rented house with their four children in 1986. It's claimed that the house's basement was used as a mortuary, something that was mirrored in the film.

10. 'The Possession' (2012)

The Possession

A young girl, Emily, buys an antique Dybbuk box at a yard sale, unaware that inside this demon box were the cursed items of a malicious evil spirit. Emily eventually finds the hidden lock and releases an evil spirit that possesses her. Her father teams with his ex-wife to find a way to end the demonic curse upon their child.

11. 'Veronica' (2017)

Veronica (2017)

Loosely based on a true Spanish event from 1991, the film tells the story of what happens to a young woman after using a Ouija board. Set in a Catholic school in Madrid, whilst the nuns are elsewhere Veronica and friends creep down to the basement to see if they can summon up some dead spirits. Their summoning works all too well, and Veronica ends up possessed.

12. 'Deliver Us From Evil' (2014)

Deliver Us From Evil

New York police officer Ralph Sarchie investigates a series of crimes. He joins forces with an unconventional priest, schooled in the rites of exorcism, to combat the possessions that are terrorising their city.

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