Every Ed & Lorraine Warren Case That Could Be Turned Into A Future Conjuring Movie

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Ed & Lorraine Warren In The Conjuring
'The Conjuring' movie series introduced us to husband-and-wife paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren and a series of stories based on their real-life cases. If the three Conjuring movies and their spin-offs have left you wanting more, you'll be please to hear that there are plenty more famous cases that could become the franchise's next blockbuster.

Some of the Warrens' cases have already been turned in to movies, although are not part of James Wan's Conjuring series and are perhaps waiting to be re-told in the Conjuring universe.

We first meet the Warrens as played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in the 2013 movie, 'The Conjuring'. The plot revolves around the real life story of Carolyn and Roger Perron who, along with their five daughters, were tormented by paranormal activity in their Rhode Island farmhouse. The haunting was caused by a former resident named Bathsheba, a witch and Satanist who laid down a curse that meant anyone who lives on her land in the future would die a terrible death.

The Warrens returned in 2016 in 'The Conjuring 2'. This time around the movie is based on one of the most famous poltergeist cases of all time. A case which took place in the London suburb of Enfield in 1977 and involved the Hodgson family who were being plagued by poltergeist activity in their council home.

The third movie in 'The Conjuring' series is based on the case of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, who tried to avoid a murder charge by using the defence "the Devil made me do it."

There's no news yet on a fourth movie, but if there is it could be a sequel or a prequel, so we've scoured through all of the Warrens' past cases and put together a list of those which might have Hollywood potential.


Amityville Haunted House

Amityville is not only one of the best known ghost stories of all time, but also one of the Warrens most famous cases. The case revolved around George and Kathleen Lutz who were tormented by malevolent entities after moving into a Dutch Colonial house with their three children. They were eventually driven from the house, which was situated in a suburban neighbourhood in Amityville in New York State.

The Warrens were heavily involved in the case, they heard first-hand accounts of the happenings from the family. The case is mentioned in their 1989 book, 'Ghost Hunters' in which Ed states "there's no other explanation for what happened there" other than demonic forces.

Of course there are countless movies based on the infamous house in Long Island, New York, but although they were involved in the case, Ed and Lorraine do not feature in any of them. However, the Warrens' perspective on the story was touched on at the beginning of 'The Conjuring 2'. In the film we're reacquainted with the Warrens during the final throws of the Amityville case.

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Union Cemetery, Connecticut

Union Cemetery, Connecticut

The Warrens have described the site, that dates back to the 1700s, as one of the most haunted cemeteries in the entire United States. The location is a popular destination for ghost hunters, meaning it already has plenty of spooky myths and legends attached to it. The Warrens' wrote about their experiences there in the book 'Graveyard: True Hauntings From An Old New England Cemetery'. According to Ed, he captured the essence of an apparition of a white lady on camera. It is said that she died in the 1940s and ever since has appeared in front of cars on a nearby road wearing a white gown.

West Point Military Academy, New York

West Point Military Academy, New York

The United States Military Academy at West Point in New York is the setting for one of the Warrens most interesting cases. The events unfolded in 1972 when the couple were invited for a tour of the prestigious academy by Major Dean Dowling. At the end of the tour the Major took them into the haunted residents of the superintendent, George Nolton.

Upon entering this historic building, which has been home to many former superintendents and military personnel, Lorraine not only sensed but glimpsed the image of president John F Kennedy stood next to her, but it wasn't JFK that was causing Nolton issues, it was another more mischievous spirit.

Lorraine was able to use her psychic abilities to determine that this was the violent spirit of Mrs MacArthur, the wife of a former general stationed at West Point. Mrs MacArthur lived in the superintendent's house between marriages and is said to be an insecure and angry woman.

In the case's climax, the Warrens gathered with military staff in the former bedroom of Mrs MacArthur where Lorraine moved her on. Describing the incident after, Ed said, "it was really exciting watching the future leaders of our country sitting there on the floor, dressed in their military garb, asking questions of us."

Smurl Family, Pennsylvania

The Haunted 1991

The story of Jack and Janet Smurl and their family has already been turned into a movie that features Ed and Lorraine. 'The Haunted' was a television movie broadcast in 1991 that's based around the case. Although Ed and Lorraine appear in the film, it's not a part of the Conjuring series and the couple are portrayed by Stephen Markle and Diane Baker, predating Wilson and Farmiga's portrayals.

The case took place in Pittston, Pennsylvania in 1986 and began with dark shadows moving around the house, and a black stain on the wall that kept reappearing after being cleaned away. Eventually it became clear that they were being plagued by demons and they began to experience physical attacks at the hands of the invisible entities. This eventually lead the family to contact the Warrens for help.


Bigfoot Patterson–Gimlin Film

In one of the Warrens most outlandish cases, the couple went in search of the elusive Bigfoot. This might not sound like the potential plot of a James Wan movie until you realise that Ed Warren didn't believe the legendary create was just an ape man, he thought it was a tulpa, a supernatural entity that's created through spiritual or mental powers.

Ed said, "It's my belief that Bigfoot is a tulpa, a mind projection. So is the Loch Ness Monster and many other now-you-see-it-now-you-don't creatures that get reported in the press."

This case started after inhabitants of a settlement in rural Tennessee reported being tormented by the infamous hairy monster. The Warrens were called in and spent the day trekking through the wilds looking for the beast. Towards the end of the day Lorraine saw a vision of a half-man-half-ape creature.

She sensed it felt trapped and isolated, and even had mind-to-mind communication with it through which she discovered that the beast was injured. Bigfoot also psychically told Lorraine that he was no threat to the settlement, he was just trying to communicate with a child because he thought children have no prejudices and he could explain himself to the child.

Following this psychic vision, Ed and Lorraine trekked further into the wilds looking for Bigfoot, but a member of their party scared him away, all they found was traces of blood from his injury.

The Snedeker House

The Haunting In Connecticut

Another of the husband-and-wife paranormal investigators' most famous cases, this one has already been turned into a movie, 'The Haunting In Connecticut', but the film doesn't feature Ed and Lorraine.

The case revolves around Allen and Carmen Snedeker and their four children, who moved into a new rented home in Southington, Connecticut in 1986. Soon after moving in the family make the grim discovery that the house's basement was used as a mortuary by a funeral parlour. The family claim that they were victim to a violent haunting that focussed on their eldest son, but spread to other family members. Most disturbing of all is the claim that both parents were physically assaulted by the evil presence that lingered in the house.

When the real life haunting started getting violent, the Snedekers called Ed and Lorraine for help. It was their conclusion that the cause of the haunting was a demonic attachment to the house. After making their diagnoses, an exorcism was carried out to rid the house of its demons.

Cindy McBain

Ouija Board

The case of Cindy McBain is the classic Hollywood tale of a young girl dabbling with the occult and inviting a demon into her home. One day on one of the 15-year-old's many trips to the mall, Cindy found a new shop called the Antique Attic. Wandering around she was excited to find a battered old Ouija board for sale, which she bought for $5.

After getting the board home, Cindy tried it out with her friend Nancy. During this first session the girls heard clawing coming from within Cindy's bedroom walls which they described as sounding like "something trying to be set free". The incident resulted in Nancy running from the house, but Cindy continued to experiment with the Ouija board.

Soon her friends noticed a change in Cindy, she had lost her normally-big appetite, she had become gaunt and dull-eyed. Even her teachers became concerned, as did her parents who on several occasions heard strange voices coming from Cindy's bedroom. When her mother discovered the Ouija board and tried to take it, Cindy became aggressive and grasped her arm with a strong hand, she later reported feeling afraid of her own daughter.

As things escalated the clawing sound was heard throughout the whole house, Cindy quit school and became a virtual stranger to her family. She eventually became violent, at one point attacking her father and slamming his head into a wall.

After this Cindy was hospitalised and the Warrens were called in. The climax of the case took place at Cindy's hospital bed. After coming to the conclusion that Cindy was a victim of demonic infestation, the Warrens called in Father Elemi who noted that Cindy reacted violently to a crucifix. Over the next 18 hours the priest conducted an exorcism.

The Southend Werewolf

Bill Ramsey Werewolf

Could a future instalment of 'The Conjuring' see Wilson and Farmiga return to the United Kingdom at a time when the Warrens investigated another famous English paranormal case, this time a werewolf in Southend-on-Sea. The case revolved around Bill Ramsey who for more than thirty years had felt like something were taking over his body resulting in fits of rage. By 1983 he began experiencing physical changes and went on to attack multiple victims and even bite them.

The Warrens became involved in 1989 after hearing about the case in a news report. Lorraine was instantly convinced that Bill was a victim of demonic attachment and flew him and his wife over to their church in Connecticut to perform an exorcism, in which Bill's face appeared to physically transform and his hands formed claws.

Janice Baines

Ghost Murderer

This famous Warrens case involves murder and gave Lorraine a chance to use her psychic powers to solve a crime. It all started when Lorraine was approached by Detective Steinberg, a police officer investigating the murder of a 27-year-old woman called Janice Baines. As a clairvoyant, Lorraine has experience in gaining insight from victims of crime from beyond the grave, so after some hesitation she accepted the case.

One night several days later, Lorraine suddenly found herself scribbling out a letter which accounted all of the details of the harrowing case which led to the arrest and imprisonment of three men. Lorraine handed this insight from the deceased victim over to Detective Steinberg, who then drove over to arrest the men. They were subsequently charged and convicted of murder.

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