Neil Oliver Goes From 'Coast' To Ghost With Forthcoming Book On Hauntings

June 04, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalBooks
Neil Oliver - Hauntings
From the rugged landscapes of 'Coast' to the eerie realms of the supernatural, historian and television presenter Neil Oliver is set to release his spine-chilling book, 'Hauntings: A Book of Ghosts And Where to Find Them' this October.

Neil, praised for his evocative storytelling by the BBC History Magazine and lauded by 'Coast' co-host Professor Alice Roberts for "letting us see ourselves in a new light," embarks on an engaging tour across the British Isles in his upcoming book. The tour spans several centuries and delves into the enigmatic tales associated with more than 20 sites, including castles, vicarages, towers, lonely shorelines, and forgotten battlefields.

The bestselling historian and author of books such as 'A History of Ancient Britain,' 'Vikings,' and 'Sacred Wonders of Britain,' provides a thoughtful exploration of the locations where our senses and emotions seem heightened, where the boundary between dimensions appears tantalisingly thin.

Neil weaves in his family's history with that of the past monarchs, investigating why certain places stir our deepest emotions and fears. In his journey from Inverness to Devon, Co Dublin to Norfolk, Neil reveals the secret histories and dark deeds that these landscapes carry. 'Hauntings' casts an enjoyably eerie glow with tales that have been passed down generations and are inextricably linked to these places.

A native of Renfrew, Scotland, Neil has a background in archaeology, having studied at the University of Glasgow. He transitioned from working as an archaeologist to becoming a journalist and has since become an acclaimed author and TV presenter. His non-fiction bestsellers, 'The Story of Britain in 100 Places,' 'The Story of the World in 100 Moments,' and 'Wisdom of the Ancients,' have earned him a wide following. Neil lives in Stirling with his wife, their three children, and two Irish wolfhounds.

'Hauntings: A Book of Ghosts and Where to Find Them' promises to be an enlightening and thrilling addition to the library of anyone interested in supernatural phenomena and the enduring allure of ghost stories. The book is released on October 26, just in time for Halloween and is available to pre-order now from Amazon in hardcover editions, as an ebook for Kindle, or as an audiobook on Audible.

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