New Book By Steve Higgins Offers Balanced Look at Ouija Boards

April 24, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Books

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Steve Higgins - Demystifying The Oracle
Paranormal writer and creator Steve Higgins is proud to announce the release of his latest book, 'Demystifying The Oracle' which delves into the fascinating and often controversial world of Ouija boards. This new book aims to provide readers with unbiased information to help them make their own decisions about the use and validity of spirit boards.

'Demystifying The Oracle' offers instructions, tips, and guidance on how to use a Ouija board, drawing from Steve's own extensive personal experience and knowledge acquired from the wider paranormal community. The book includes advice on effectively "calling out" to spirits, along with example questions and themes for fostering open communication with supernatural entities.

As a respectful skeptic, Steve Higgins has used a Ouija board hundreds of times and witnessed a wide range of results. He explained, "I must have taken part in hundreds, if not thousands of Ouija board sessions over the years. While I've got my own beliefs about them, I've had plenty of time to observe other people and understand their beliefs too. I wrote 'Demystifying The Oracle' to provide an unbiased exploration of the Ouija board, encouraging readers to make their own informed decisions about this mysterious and captivating tool."

A book about Ouija boards wouldn't be complete if it didn't address the negative perceptions surrounding the boards. This is fuelled by popular culture, religious beliefs, and sensationalised stories of hauntings and possession. Through Higgypop Paranormal, Steve has conducted research on people's beliefs and perceptions of spirit boards, aiming to uncover the truth behind these mysterious devices.

Readers will be introduced to the ideomotor effect, a phenomenon where unconscious movements are influenced by thoughts or expectations, and will learn how to conduct controlled experiments to test the validity of this effect on Ouija board experiences.

Steve added, "using a Ouija board during ghost hunts has always been a fascinating experience for me. Regardless of your beliefs, at the very least it serves as an intriguing example of psychological principles at play. The board can spark captivating conversations, engage the imagination, and has become an iconic representation of the paranormal world."

'Demystifying The Oracle' marks the beginning of a new series of paranormal books by Steve Higgins, who writes full-time for Higgypop Paranormal. As an author who understands the diverse beliefs within the paranormal community, Steve is committed to providing readers with balanced information and thought-provoking content.

'Demystifying The Oracle' is available from Amazon now on paperback, as an ebook for Kindle, and as an audiobook via Audible.

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