30 East Drive's Iconic Front Door Finds A New Home In Stoke

June 12, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal
30 East Drive Front Door In Stoke's Haunted Museum

The owner of Stoke's Haunted Museum & Spirit Shop, Craig William Longson, has announced the acquisition of a new, historically significant artefact: the iconic front door from the infamous haunted 30 East Drive in Pontefract.

The door, boasting the recognisable "30" numbering, emanates an ominous presence. Its location at 30 East Drive, a site of alleged poltergeist activity, has made it a coveted piece of paranormal history.

Notable as the backdrop for many selfies, the door has seen countless ghost hunters pass through its threshold. Sadly, it was recently damaged by vandals and replaced. Instead of being consigned to oblivion, the door will now reside at Stoke's haunted museum, a popular destination for supernatural enthusiasts, located at 283 City Road in Fenton.

The Haunted Museum & Spirit Shop, opened in late 2021, is an established destination for enthusiasts of the paranormal, showcasing various artefacts associated with supernatural occurrences. From an inexplicably ticking and chiming granddaughter clock to an eerie collection of the infamous crying boy paintings, each item has a story that sends chills down the spines of visitors.

Perhaps the museum's most infamous resident is Mary, an antiquated doll that has often been captured on the museum's CCTV cameras violently rocking in her chair, mysteriously being thrown out of the chair, and even appearing to move her eyes.

The vandal-damaged front door from 30 East Drive is a significant addition to this collection, its new home a testament to decades of paranormal history. "We have just secured an iconic piece of history and artefact from one of the most haunted and renowned locations in the world," said Craig. "The owner is over the moon it's coming to our museum, we're blown away by this."
30 East Drive has been the subject of numerous paranormal investigations following reports of mysterious happenings since the Pritchard family moved in, back in 1966. Disturbing phenomena such as unexplainable water pools, lights switching on and off, and the violent movement of objects, to name but a few, have been recorded. Most chillingly, young Dianne Pritchard was reportedly dragged up the stairs by an invisible force, leaving red hand marks visible on her neck. Today, ghost hunters and paranormal researchers continue to document strange occurrences at the site.

The new acquisition will be on display at the Haunted Museum & Spirit Shop from next week, inviting visitors to experience a touch of the eerie legacy of 30 East Drive. Paranormal enthusiasts and history buffs alike will surely not want to miss the chance to pass through this haunted threshold.

Whether anything supernatural will follow the door to its new home or not is yet to be seen, but one thing that can't be denied is that the door represents a huge piece of paranormal history and has countless stories linked to its past at one of the world's most famous paranormal hotspots.

Stoke's haunted museum and its small but well-stocked oddities and gift shop continue to grow, offering guided tours, ghost hunts, sleepovers, and paranormal workshops. The museum also offers tarot card readings, meditation classes, and two-hour séance sessions with a reputable medium in the museum's sought-after and very atmospheric séance room.

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