Sean Austin Pens Haunting Song Drawing On His Experiences Filming '28 Days Haunted'

November 26, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ NetflixTelevisionParanormal

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Sean Austin - Mercy
Sean Austin, one of the stars of Netflix's paranormal reality series '28 Days Haunted' has revealed some behind the scenes moments of the investigation as well as a song he wrote that was inspired by Captain Grant's Inn. Could this be the first song to be co-written by a ghost?

Sean was part of one of three teams who spent 28 days locked down inside of haunted locations as part of the series, which premiered on Netflix in October. Sean found himself in what is said to be Connecticut's most haunted home, with fellow investigators Nick Simons and Aaron G Thompson.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, Sean said "when I realized I was going to be part of the experiment known as '28 Days Haunted' and I was going to have to leave life behind for that amount of time, I thought of something that was precious to me because I had no communication with the outside world, no TV or Internet." That thing Sean thought about was his guitar, which he took with him while filming the show.

During the investigation Sean had a profound connection with what he believed to be the spirit of Mercy Adelaide Grant, the wife of the Captain the inn takes its name from, but Sean says his encounters with the spirit when further than you see in the Netflix show.

Sean tells followers in the video, "as I furthered myself in this journey being part of this documentary, this emotion, this connection to her started to deepen."

Towards the end of the series, Sean and his team visit the grave of Mercy. He explained, "this vision that she would write these notes to her Captain, almost poetically. I started to spur off what I believe that she was writing and what she was saying were things like 'I savour your lips with the breath of each day,' 'life is enduring without you,' 'the wind is my only company these are'."

On his down time at the inn, Sean spent his time in a quiet spot with his guitar and came up with several songs, one of which was about Mercy and how she lost her husband. Sean describes the song as "haunting" and said, "something just drew me to potentially write a song about her loss, because I felt like I was a part of that - every day I was in that environment, I was feeling it." Sean added, "out of nowhere, I literally started to hear the acoustic chords, the melody, playing in my head."

During the investigation, Sean recorded several examples of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), which are disembodied human-like voices of unknown origin that are captured by electronic devices. He believes the voice he captured is that of Mercy, and actually included a recording of her humming "in perfect key" in the final song, that Sean recorded in Nashville after filming of the series wrapped.

One of the EVPs Sean captured was an incredibly clear female voice that appears to be saying, "Sean, I want to learn how to play the song."

You can hear the full story of Sean's spiritual link with Mercy in the mini-documentary below. The 20-minute-long video also includes the official music video and the full version of the song entitled 'Mercy', which the investigator has dedicated to the spirit of the same name.

Sean is from Westchester, New York and gathered his first paranormal evidence in a graveyard, an EVP recording of a young girl's voice. He later apprenticed with noted demonologist Ralph Sarchi, under whom Sean learned the crafts of paranormal investigation, mediumship and demonology. A practicing Catholic, Sean feels that paranormal investigation is his calling, not only to bring ease to the living but also peace to those spirits trapped on this plane.

'28 Days Haunted' is a six-part series that is available to stream in full on Netflix now. It follows three teams of investigators locked down inside of three haunted locations across America in Colorado, North Carolina and Connecticut. The teams spent four weeks together and were given the chance to participate in a paranormal experiment based on the theories of the late, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

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