Photographic Phantoms: A Spirit Photography Quiz

February 06, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ GamesParanormalScience
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Do you have a fascination with the history and practice of spirit photography? Well, get ready to put your knowledge to the test with this tricky and informative trivia quiz.

We've put together 15 challenging questions to test your understanding, from the earliest days of spirit photography to modern times. From orbs and auras to famous photos of ghosts, there's plenty to test you knowledge of the long history of mysterious and unexplained images that have been captured on film.

1. When were the earliest known spirit photographs taken?

2. Who is often said to be the pioneer of spirit photography?

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3. What was the name of the famous ghostly apparition that Sir William Crookes claims to have photographed several times?

4. What is the name of the photograph that showed the ghostly apparition of a young girl at the staircase of Raynham Hall?

5. Where was the ghostly photograph of Raynham Hall taken?

6. Who took the famous photo of a phantom monk at the alter of Newby Church?

7. In a famous photo taken at Borley Rectory while the house was being demolished, what was captured floating in mid-air?

8. The ghost of which saint has been seen and photographed on a staircase at Tamworth Castle?

9. One of the most famous ghost photographs of all time was captured in Cheshire showing a ghostly figure in a chair, but where was it taken?

10. What is the name given to the photographic technique that reveals visible β€œauras” around the objects by photographed?

11. How can most "orbs" be explained?

12. Which paranormal investigator famously debunked some of the early spirit photographers?

13. Which famous author and paranormal investigator was an outspoken believer in spirit photography?

14. William Mumler is said to have taken a photograph of the spirit of which former American president?

15. Which of these is another name for the phenomenon of orbs?


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