'The Ghost Lab' Sheds Light On Science Behind The Paranormal

July 12, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ BooksParanormal
Steve Higgins - The Ghost Lab
Steve Higgins, the founder of Higgypop.com and author of various paranormal books, has released his latest venture, 'The Ghost Lab: Paranormal Meets Science,' now available on Amazon. This illuminating read delves into the intersection of science and the paranormal, investigating the methods and technologies used to explore and explain supernatural phenomena.

'The Ghost Lab' critically evaluates the use of devices such as EMF meters, full-spectrum cameras, thermal imaging devices, and spirit boxes, which are often claimed to capture phenomena beyond ordinary human perception. With a rational and questioning approach, Steve scrutinises reported findings, including Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) and seemingly autonomous figures captured on cameras.

This work is not just a rundown of ghost hunting techniques; instead, it seeks to advance the reader's knowledge beyond the fundamentals of electronic voice phenomena, stone tape theory, spiritual energy, and spirit communication. It delves into the physics and earth science that influence perceptions of hauntings. Steve strives to clarify complex scientific jargon, enabling readers to apply well-established scientific principles to analyse alleged supernatural phenomena.

Among the book's advanced topics, it investigates the electromagnetic spectrum's role in paranormal experiences, and it outlines principles governing instrumental transcommunication that affect audible voice phenomena, electronic voice phenomena, and visual forms of spirit contact. Notably, it also explains how to analyse electronically captured audio considering waveform, amplitude, wavelength, and frequency.

'The Ghost Lab' presents a scientific exploration of the concepts of afterlife and consciousness. Drawing from the latest theories and research in quantum physics, it explores the possibility of an indestructible psychic energy or a shared "quantum consciousness" that persists after death.

Steve also presents a rational investigation into the nature of ghosts. By examining a range of theories, he provides insights into how a ghost might interact with electronic equipment or be recorded on camera - questioning whether this is even possible at all.

In the book's final sections, Steve underscores the true aims of a modern paranormal investigator: gathering and evaluating evidence with a healthy degree of skepticism. He aims to debunk common misconceptions and outdated beliefs about the paranormal.

The book reinforces the importance of understanding energy from both scientific and paranormal perspectives. It sheds light on different radiation types in the electromagnetic spectrum, the use of ultrasound and infrasound in paranormal investigation, and the role of low-frequency vibrations on human perception.

As the field of paranormal investigation continues to evolve, 'The Ghost Lab' underscores the importance of maintaining an open mind, staying updated with the latest technologies and methodologies, and upholding robust scientific principles.

For those readers intrigued to learn more, Steve has authored several other books on paranormal topics, all available on Amazon. Additionally, his website, Higgypop.com, serves as a rich resource for further information on ghost hunting and the paranormal. If the enigmatic world of the supernatural intrigues you, 'The Ghost Lab' provides a rational and scientifically grounded exploration of this captivating field.

'The Ghost Lab: Paranormal Meets Science' is available as a paperback from Amazon now or as an eBook for Kindle.

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