'The Killamarsh Poltergeist' By Steve Higgins: A Real Account Of A Modern Haunting

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Steve Higgins - The Killamarsh Poltergeist
In his latest book, 'The Killamarsh Poltergeist,' Steve Higgins delves into the unsettling experiences of Hazel and Gary Price, a Sheffield couple whose ordinary life at their home, was disrupted by peculiar events. Available now on Amazon in paperback, hardcover, and eBook formats, the book offers a detailed account of their story, backed by extensive interviews with the family.

One night in 2012, after returning from a local pub, the Prices discovered their home in disarray. Unlike a typical burglary, their belongings were scattered, but nothing was missing. The couple, known for their rational thinking, found themselves considering a range of possibilities, from mundane explanations like intruders or their cats, Penny and Sheldon, to the more mysterious idea of poltergeists – spirits believed to disturb physical objects.

Steve's exploration extends to the Prices' consideration of a connection between these events and the recent, distressing loss of Gary's colleague, Dennis. The book examines the concept of 'empathic imprints,' an idea in paranormal theory suggesting that intense emotional experiences can impact one's surroundings. This angle brings a unique perspective to the story, juxtaposing rational explanations with supernatural theories and highlighting the difficulty of balancing these viewpoints.

The author also delves into the historical and geological context of Killamarsh, a village with coal mining heritage, to address potential natural causes like seismic activities. However, the Prices, particularly Gary with his knowledge of local history, dismiss these theories, citing the stability of their home and its agricultural land origins.

Intriguingly, the book doesn't shy away from exploring less conventional explanations, like the sudden movement of an empty Chinese rice wine jar during Hazel's birthday celebration, which left even the most practical minds, like Gary's, stumped. This incident, alongside others such as Gary experiencing unexplainable scratches, mirrors historical cases of poltergeist activity, adding layers to the narrative.

Steve carefully presents both paranormal and skeptical viewpoints, allowing readers to ponder the nature of the Prices' experiences. He explores various rational theories, from environmental vibrations to acoustic phenomena, none of which conclusively explain the events at the Price home. On the other hand, from a paranormal perspective, these occurrences could be signs of poltergeist activity or a manifestation of Gary's emotional state, though this remains speculative and unproven by scientific evidence.

A particularly striking part of the book is the account of Hazel and Gary witnessing a sudden flash of light and a silhouette in their kitchen, an event that defies conventional explanation. This sighting is contextualised within the broader scope of paranormal studies, where shadow figures are a less common but significant phenomenon, often associated with intense emotional or negative energy.

Steve also explores cultural interpretations of such phenomena, drawing parallels with 'yūrei' in Japanese folklore and similar entities in other cultures. This approach adds a global dimension to the narrative, suggesting that such experiences are not limited to one culture or belief system.

As the story unfolds, the emotional and psychological toll on Hazel and Gary becomes evident. The author sensitively addresses their fears of judgment and stigma, and the impact of these events on their mental health and relationship. This human aspect of the story is as compelling as the paranormal elements, portraying the real-world consequences of facing the unexplainable.

In the end, Hazel and Gary turn to self-help, conducting a DIY spiritual cleansing using the Prayer of St. Michael and a cross from holy sites. This act of reclaiming their space is presented in a grounded, realistic manner, reflecting the couple's pragmatic approach to their situation.

'The Killamarsh Poltergeist' is a thoughtfully crafted book that offers a comprehensive look at a real haunting and the theories surrounding such inexplicable events. It invites readers to explore the nuances of an unexplainable experience, leaving them with more questions than answers and plenty to ponder.

'The Killamarsh Poltergeist' is available now from Amazon as a paperback or hard cover, or as an eBook for Kindle.

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