Real Elf On The Shelf Caught Moving On Camera

December 13, 2017 5:36 PM
You might have watched my Elf On The Shelf video a couple of weeks ago where I told you how to see an elf move. Well, ever since I’ve been trying to catch my Elf on the Shelf moving on camera, so I’ve been staying up all night and kept a camera with me at all times.

All these clips are real video that I captured of the elf moving.

On Monday night I heard a strange sound coming from one of the cupboards, so I grabbed my camera and took a look inside.

The next morning, just as I was about to go to bed, I saw the elf climbing inside my bed.

I left a Christmas cracked outside of a cupboard door, I knew eventually he’d take it.

Later in the week I heard a rustling sound coming from the Christmas tree so I started filming and caught this.

The problem is, you never really get to see an Elf On The Shelf move because as soon as they know they’re being watched, they turn back into a toy.

Here’s a test you can try. Place your TV’s remote control in front of the television, pointing at the set. Then place your Elf next to it and cover it up with a sheet.

Elves hate the boring news and you’ll probably find they’ll change the channel. As long as they’re not being watched.

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