'Demystifying The Oracle' By Steve Higgins

Steve Higgins - Demystifying The Oracle

The debate over whether Ouija boards are nothing more than a harmless toy, a useful implement for communicating with the dead, or an extremely dangerous occult tool rages on.

In 'Demystifying The Oracle,' author and creator of Higgypop.com Steve Higgins doesn't aim to prove or debunk any of these conflicting beliefs about spirit boards, but instead provides balanced information to allow readers to make their own decisions.

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Although best practises and methods vary depending on personal beliefs, you'll uncover instructions, tips, and guidance on how to use a Ouija board, drawing on Steve's own extensive personal experience and knowledge gathered from the wider paranormal community.

The guidance includes advice on how to effectively "call out" to any spirits that might be present during a Ouija board session. The book includes a list of themes for questioning supernatural entities through the board and example questions and phrases for each theme to encourage natural and open communication with the spirits.

Any discussion about Ouija boards can't ignore the negative perceptions that surround them, which have been fuelled by popular culture, religious beliefs, and sensationalised stories of hauntings and possession. Through Higgypop Paranormal, Steve has conducted his own research on people's beliefs and perceptions of spirit boards to try to get to the bottom of this.

Explore how the Ouija board might be influenced by the ideomotor effect, the phenomenon in which our unconscious movements are influenced by our thoughts or expectations. Find out how you can test this possibility for yourself by conducting controlled experiments.

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