'Are You Haunted...?' Returns For A Third Series

November 14, 2021 12:04 AM ‐ Paranormal

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Are You Haunted...? Series 3
Phil and Sara Whyman have dropped a trailer for the third series of their paranormal series, which will see the team tackle a host of new locations across the UK using their trademark back-to-basics investigation approach.

The good news for fans of the web series is that there's not long to wait until the series lands on YouTube, less than a week in fact, as the first new investigation premieres on Sunday, November 21.

As always, the husband-and-wife paranormal investigators will be joined by their intrepid team of experienced ghost hunters, made up of Jane Carrigan, Dale Dickinson, Ben Woodward and Wayne Dean. The team will once again look for proof of ghostly activity in many unique and previously untapped paranormal hotspots across the country.

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The new episodes follow on from the team's successful second series, which saw the team come together at the start of each episode to weigh up the paranormal potential of a selection of haunted places scattered across the UK, before picking one location to investigate.

The third season will continue the show's ethos of investigating without the aid of dubious and unproven ghost hunting gadgets. When Phil and Sara created the series back in 2019, they wanted to get back to a purer style of investigating hauntings without gadgets. Instead relying on their own senses and things like audio recorders and cameras which accurately replicate human senses.

The dramatic teaser trailer is set to the somber tones of 'Last To Fall', a 2019 track by Will Van De Crommert, a composer and producer based in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

The clip doesn't give much away, but features Sara saying "think of the ultimate haunted location, picture somewhere large, dark and derelict" and we see Jane seemingly being adversely affected by one of the as-yet-unnamed haunted places in the series.

'Are You Haunted...?' series three begins November 21, make sure you're subscribed to the show's official YouTube channel so that you don't miss out on the first of the team's new adventures.

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