Boost Your Telekinetic Powers With A Potion

August 12, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ Potions
Telekinesis is the power to move things with your mind, such as an iron or dirty dishes.  It’s a bit like a brain powered version of a television remote control.

I'll show you have to make a telekinesis potion that will boost your dormant telekinetic abilities. You'll need a cauldron or something similar to get started.

1. Water

Telekinesis Potion

First you'll need to pour in a bottle of your favourite flavour of plain water.

2. Beetle Guts

Telekinesis Potion

Next pour in a whole jar of beetle guts, this can be tricky as they look delicious and it's hard not to guzzle them all down.

3. Tiger Teeth

Telekinesis Potion

You'll then need to grind up a handful of tigers' teeth and pour the grinds into your mixture.

4. Fudge Flies

Telekinesis Potion

Next add about four measures of a box of milk chocolate coasted fudge flies.

5. Dragon's Stomach

Telekinesis Potion

Then, if you've got time, drop in one pickled dragon's stomach.

Telekinesis Potion

Collect a juicy measure of the potion and drink it through your mouth, you new powers will begin straight away, but it might take a bit of practice before you have full control of the objects around you.

Watch The Video Instructions


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