I Went To Camden

November 01, 2011 11:43 PM ‐ Travel

Today I went to Camden Town for the first time ever, which is weird considering I work in media and I've been living in London for three years. You'd also have thought I'd be drawn to the area due to the high concentration of freaks.


There were freaks of all kinds there ranging from goths/emos, vampires/emos and the freaks who wear canvas trousers and flip-flops, I'm not sure what they're called.

My first impression upon arriving in Camden was that I was on holiday, everything is so bright, tacky and in your face that it reminded me of somewhere like San Antonio forward slash Ibiza.

I don't know if there were more freaks around because it was approaching Halloween, it was hella-busy.  The high street seemed to have gone pretty big on Halloween - there was non-spooky crap in all the shops, most of which just usually sell t-shirts that light up and smoking equipment.

The first thing I did in Camden was buy a cannabis lolly, I'm kind of scared of drugs but wanted to fit in so £1 for a lolly from a little market stall seemed like a good way to get down with the freaks.  Plus getting stoned on lollipops seemed like a pretty "me" kind of thing to do.

After wandering up the high street I met up with a local gay who showed me round some more, we went to some amazing places… Starbucks which was really busy, then another coffee shop which was quiet and nice but semi-weird cuz there were steps going down to a basement estate agent within the coffee shop - who does that?  Get your own shop loser!

There was a hot girl in the coffee shop and the gay said "I like her", get off…
a) I saw her first
b) she's not for you
c) etc.

We then went up Primrose Hill, it's like a standard hill, you know…  a landform that extends above the surrounding terrain, usually with a distinct summit.  It was a sunny day and there was an amazing view of the whole of London.  Could pretty much see every major landmark in London, apart from my flat, which I hope will one day have one of those blue plaques on it which says "Steve Higgins lived here…"

Primrose Hill was kind of magical and the amazing view inspires you to think deep and meaningful about your life.  That's why our next stop was Morrisons.  My friend is lucky to have one quite close to his house, later we cooked lasagne from scratch.

One of the most amazing things I saw in Camden was a pigeon which flew vertically downwards, I've never seen this before and it was totally unexpected.  I was just enjoying a coffee next to the canal and it nose dived behind me, it was the best stunt pigeon I have ever seen!

It was amazing.


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