Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted: Jake Quickenden - Episode 5 Review

March 24, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ TelevisionParanormal

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Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted: Jake Quickenden
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In the latest episode of Discovery+'s 'Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted', Barri Ghai, Jayne Harris and Ian Lawman take on an emotional case at singer and reality TV star Jake Quickenden's Colchester home.

In the penultimate episode of the current series, the investigators not only attempt to make contact with Jake's late father and brother but also unveil a surprising revelation: Jake was once a Civil War soldier in a past life.

The episode is set in Colchester, one of Britain's oldest cities, known for its history of battles and plague deaths. Despite being a new-build property, Jake's family home, which he has lived in since 2019, is reportedly haunted. The singer, originally from Scunthorpe, confesses to being a believer in the paranormal and is convinced that something is following him, as every home he has lived in has experienced supernatural occurrences. Although the house is new, Jake still encounters unexplained events such as the TV and lights turning on and off by themselves.

In order to rely solely on his psychic abilities, Ian insists on knowing nothing about the investigation in advance. While en route to the location, Ian mentions that the land surrounding Jake's home is significant and that he senses screams.

Upon arrival at Jake's property, the team members split up to conduct their own investigations. Jayne seeks out local historian Penny Griffiths-Morgan to learn more about the area, while Barri interviews Jake's mother, Lisa, to gather her perspective on the haunting. Lisa shares that Jake has experienced ghostly events since he was young, including night terrors where he envisioned himself as a soldier.

Ian is the first to enter the house alone, conducting a solo psychic sweep. He finds the atmosphere in certain parts of the home unsettling and suggests that the land itself has a significant influence on the energy. He also claims that many spirits are passing through the property.

The team regroups and meets with Jake to discuss their initial findings. They believe that Jake has been subconsciously drawn to the haunting presence on the land, possibly because he has moved to the site of a Civil War battlefield.

With Jake joining them, the team commences their investigation in the kitchen. They use a REM-Pod to detect any paranormal activity. As Jake becomes emotional, Barri invites any spirits present to come forward. Immediately, the REM-Pod starts beeping, indicating the possible presence of otherworldly beings.
Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted: Jake Quickenden

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To gather more information, the team employs a device they believe spirits can use to form words and sentences. The device seems to reveal the presence of multiple spirits, including that of Jake's late father.

The team is intrigued by the theory that Jake may have been a civil war soldier in his past life. In an attempt to verify this, Ian conducts a past life regression session with Jake. Ian begins by putting Jake into a relaxed state, creating the right mindset for the experiment.

During the session, Jake appears to reveal that he had died in battle in a past life and that his name was Simon. After this revelation, Jake leaves the investigators to continue their nightlong investigation.

The team starts in the living room, using an Alice Box to gather additional information about the spirits haunting the house. They then move to the kitchen, where they employ a spirit box to further their investigation.

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Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted: Jake Quickenden

Later, the team heads upstairs, where Ian had previously sensed the presence of two male spirits. Ian believes that one of these spirits is Jake's father. While the investigators are exploring the children's bedroom, a TV downstairs mysteriously turns on by itself.

Barri suggests that the only way this could happen is if the TV was switched on at the wall. However, Jayne and Ian point out that it could also be turned on using the remote control. Regardless of the method, it is highly unusual for a TV to turn on by itself.

The investigation ended with the team cleansing the property. The team left no stone unturned to ensure the property was cleansed and transformed into a positive space for Jake and his family.

Psychic medium Ian Lawman walked around the property, praying and focusing his energy on shifting the atmosphere to a more positive one. Meanwhile, historian Jayne Harris employed spiritual sounds to lift the vibrational energy of the house. Together, their efforts aimed to create a warm and comforting environment in the Quickenden home.

After the investigation and cleansing process were complete, Jayne reassured Jake that there was nothing left for him to worry about. A grateful and relieved Jake described the experience as one of the best things he's ever done.

The investigation of Jake's house is available to watch on demand on Discovery+ now, with the final episode of the series dropping next Friday, in which the team investigate the home of Lady Colin Campbell.

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