Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted: Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen - Episode 2 Review

March 03, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ TelevisionParanormal

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Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted: Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
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The 'Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted' team were back this week in another celebrities home. In this episode, Barri Ghai, Jayne Harris and Ian Lawman visit the home of interior designer and television personality Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, a 17th century manor house located in the Cotswold.

Laurence's home has a reputation for being haunted, and he's eager to find out whether there's any truth to the rumours. While he hasn't personally experienced anything supernatural in the house, his wife and visitors have reported strange occurrences over the past 15 years they've been living there.

As the team travels to the house, Ian shares that he had a dream the previous night about a lady and a child, as well as a "man in black" and something to do with a hat.

Upon arriving at the house, Jayne describes it as beautiful, before they go their own separate ways to conduct their initial investigations. While Barri interviews Laurence's daughter Cecile about her experiences there, Jayne went to meet a local historian to learn more about the area's history.

Jayne discovers that the house has a historical link with the Quakers movement. In fact, Laurence's house was originally home to a Quaker. As the Jayne delves deeper into the house's Quaker past with the historian, she learns of a disturbing story of murder.

Meanwhile, Ian is the first to enter the house to conduct a solo psychic sweep of the house, and he immediately picks up on a "church vibe" and "headstones." He also senses the presence of a lady with a connection to a child, as well as dark shadows and the smell of perfume. During the sweep, Ian becomes aware of a crying child and a lady trying to comfort it. He concludes his walk around by describing the house as "really, really active" with a lot of energy.

The team come together to share their findings, before inviting Laurence to join them for their first vigil in the living room. They hoped that his presence would help trigger any spirits in the house. Barri used an audio recorder to try to capture Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs), but they were unsuccessful in capturing anything.

Barri tells us that Laurence isn't "receptive to the paranormal world," which may explain why they weren't successful in capturing any EVPs. Instead, Barri brings in Cecile and Laurence's wife, Jackie, to participate. Ian takes Cecile and Jackie to the bedroom and uses a ghost hunting device called an Alice Box.

Ian explains that Alice Box is a "psychokinetic ITC device that allows spirits access to a memory bank of thousands of words, helping them to produce responses to questions." They have several meaningful words come through the device that relate to Cecile's experiences, but they stop the vigil when Cecile becomes uncomfortable. Jayne calls it a "clear indication of contact with a spirit for Cecile."
Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted: Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
Photo: © Discovery+

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The final part of the episode takes us through the team's nightlong investigation. Laurence and his family leave, and the house is rigged with static night vision cameras. Ian and Barri begin in the living room while Jayne goes to the bedroom alone.

Jayne conducts a very traditional form of divination called mirror scrying. This is a technique where you gaze at yourself in the mirror in a low light setting in the hopes of catching a glimpse of a ghost. Jayne reported feeling like she could see an "old woman" in the mirror. She also experienced overwhelming sadness and a vision of stillborn babies, which was an emotional experience for her.

Jayne rejoins the others just as they see an unexplained mist, but the cause of the mist isn't investigated further or explained. After hearing a bang upstairs, the team goes to the bedroom where Barri uses an SLS camera, a specially adapted 3D mapping camera that is capable of detecting human-like shapes in its field of view and highlighting them on its screen in the form of a stick figure. Two such figures appeared on the screen standing either side of Jayne.

Moments later, Barri suddenly jumped when he felt someone put a hand on his shoulder, but no one was behind him. He said, "it's super active, but it doesn't feel threatening."

When a motion-activated sensor is triggered downstairs, the team goes down to investigate. Barri suspects that this could be a sign of a child spirit previously seen by Laurence's family in the utility room. To test this theory, Barri uses his gesture-controlled robot, and the robot seems to move in respond to the invisible gestures of a spirit.

Moments later, they hear an unmistakable child's voice saying "I'm here," despite the house being empty. Barri says, "I've never heard a child's voice as clear as that." It is an incredible bit of evidence, and the team is amazed by the findings.

Still to come in the series, the team investigate the homes of Simon Gregson, Marnie Simpson, Jake Quickenden and Lady Colin Campbell.

The investigation of Louie's house is available to watch on demand on Discovery+ now, with the next episode of 'Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted' dropping next Friday.

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