Fate Or Fake: The Paranormal Magazine Headline Game - December 2022 Edition

January 13, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ GamesParanormal
Fate Or Fake: The Paranormal Magazine Headline Game
We've been through the January 2022 issues of the paranormal magazines 'Chat It's Fate' and 'Take a Break Fate & Fortune' and pulled out all of the headlines of their features for the last time ever, but can you tell which of the features below are real and which we've made up?

'Chat It's Fate' comes to the end of its life in February, so sadly our monthly headline game must come to an end.

All you need to do is answer each question by telling us if the headline is "FATE" - a real title of a feature in the magazine. Or "FAKE" - ones we've made up in the style of the magazines.

1. Ghost squirrel nibbled my nuts

2. Time stands still when ghost of grandmas enters my room

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3. Demonic force helped me fire hundreds of dead-wood employees

4. Clumsy spirit left portal open in our house

5. Persistent poltergeist poured pineapple purée over prisoner

6. A spell made me see unicorns... now I've even grown a horn

7. Phantom pirate helped my navigate while lost at sea

8. Angels help me make healing bracelets

9. I married a wolfman from my past-life

10. I dreaded the dead until ghost saved my life twice

11. An evil killer stole my face

12. I saw a ghost on the moon through my £3k telescope

13. Was hooded figure here to help or harm?

14. 300 ghosts gathered for reunion at Hever Castle

15. Haunted pub serves up free booze for resident spooks


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