Halloween Ritual To Bring Someone Back From The Dead

October 23, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ PotionsHalloween

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Bringing some back from the dead is dark magic, be warned... sometimes the spirits can demand something in exchange for a returned soul.

You should take great care when making this potion as evoking the spirits can be dangerous, so be sure your room is well ventilated, and you're wearing loose-fitting pants.

Here is the complete list of ingredients needed, as well as the instruction on how to perform the ritual

1. When To Perform The Ritual

Back From The Dead

The ritual can only be performed once a year at Halloween, when the moon is in the eighth house.

2. Hollow Out A Pumpkin

Back From The Dead

Instead of your usual cauldron, as it's Halloween, it's best to use a pumpkin with its innards removed. Scoop out the insides by hand, you can use this later to make a lasagne from scratch.

3. Add Frog's Spit

Back From The Dead

First, pour in a bottle of spit from a frog.

4. Add Dog's Hair

Back From The Dead

Add two hairs from the back of a dog.

5. Add Lizard's Leg

Back From The Dead

Drop in a lizard's back left leg.

6. Add Crow's Egg

Back From The Dead

Throw in an unbroken, whole crow's egg.

7. Drink The Potion

Back From The Dead

Collect some potion in a chalice you covet, and drink the whole lot, you know that you'll love it.

8. Stare Into A Mirror

Back From The Dead

Then gaze into a mirror, as the spirits decide. No matter what, don't run and don't hide.

9. Spirit Arrives

Back From The Dead

If a spirit is present and wishes too, then it will show itself to you in the mirror. This is pretty standard and you've probably done this many times in similar rituals, but at Halloween things are different...

10. Spirits Ask For Something In Return

Back From The Dead

Often on the night of Halloween spirits will demand something in return for the resurrection of the deceased. What they demand could be anything, it could even be you...

11. Physical Form

Back From The Dead

Once the spirits have what they want, the spirit will be able to take a physical form.

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