Britain's Haunted Prisons Quiz

July 06, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ GamesParanormal
HMP Gloucester Prison
Unlock the chilling tales of Britain's haunted prisons with our tricky trivia quiz. Find out how much you know about famous haunted lock-ups as you tackle taxing questions about the ghostly presences of Clink Prison, the phantom soldier at HMP Shepton Mallet, and the haunted happenings caught on camera in HMP Shrewsbury. Test your knowledge on the oldest prison in England, the history of Gloucester Prison, and the fate of the prisoners of Bodmin Jail.

1. Derek Acorah was fed which fake name at Bodmin Jail during a 2005 episode of 'Most Haunted'?

2. What type of prison was Steelhouse Lane Lockup in Birmingham?

3. What nationality were the war prisoners who were originally detained at Eden Camp in Malton?

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4. What is the name of the friendly and welcoming spirit of a boy reportedly seen in Littledean Jail?

5. Which of these is said to be the oldest prison in England?

6. What does the ghost Jenny reportedly do at HM Prison Gloucester?

7. What is the nickname given to a ghost who haunted one of the old prison cells at National Emergency Services Museum?

8. The ghost of a soldier has been reported at HMP Shepton Mallet Ghost Quiz, he's believed to have been part of an American army firing squad, but how did he die?

9. Which show caught compelling evidence of paranormal activity in the execution room of HMP Shrewsbury in 2016?

10. When did HMP Shepton Mallet, the oldest operating prison in the UK, close?

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11. Paranormal historian Richard Felix is the current owner of which haunted former prison?

12. In which county would you find the abandoned and allegedly haunted HM Prison Ashwell?

13. Which of these were NOT an infamous convicts that who was housed in the Steelhouse Lane Lockup?

14. Paranormal phenomenon reported near the pond outside the prison walls along the River Frome has been blamed on the ghost who?

15. When were the first records of the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham being used as a prison?

16. When was Inveraray Jail closed to inmates?

17. The Clink Prison is said to be plagued by frequent ghost sightings and poltergeist activity, but what is the former prison used as today?

18. What peculiar phenomenon was associated with Anne Jefferies during her time in solitary confinement at Bodmin Jail?

19. Which former prison in Wales is said to be haunted by the ghost of William Hughes, the only inmate to be hanged?

20. Where have guests reported hearing cries coming from in the Clink Prison?


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