How To Get A Magical Cat With A Potion

November 05, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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Have you ever wanted your own cat to touch and look at? Well, one way to get the perfect cat is to use magic.

Below are instructions on how to summon a cat out of thin air and all you'll need to complete this ritual is a few simple ingredients and cauldron to mix them together in.

This potion will make whatever type of cat you wish for, they last for about three weeks and then they deflate and turn into a small bag of greenish slime.

1. Cat Food

Cat Potion

The first ingredient you'll need is a can of cat food. It doesn't matter what flavour you pick, it could be beef and onion, lobster thermidor, lychee, strawberry or any other flavour. Carefully open the can and empty it all into your cauldron.

2. Catnip

Cat Potion

Next you'll need to add a sprig of catnip, this is a cat's favourite drug.

3. Water

Cat Potion

Next pour about a litre of fresh water into your cauldron. Make sure that is fresh as fresh is best.

4. Lasagne

Cat Potion

Everybody knows that a cat's favourite food is lasagne. So cook up a piping hot lasagne from scratch and drop a spoonful into your mixture.

5. Ditzy Dust

Cat Potion

Ditzy dust is great for brining creatures to life, especially feline-based creatures, so pour a whole test tube into the concoction.

6. Halberd Ball

Cat Potion

Give your potion a stir and then activate it by dropping in a halberd ball and then stand back...

7. Sparks Will Fly

Cat Potion

Almost instantly sparks will start to fly from the cauldron and the liquid will emit intense flashes of light.

8. Mee-wow

Cat Potion

Within a few seconds the sparks will die down and a cat will rise up out of your cauldron.

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