How To Grow Your Own Fantastic Beasts With A Magic Potion

September 10, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ PotionsMythical Creatures

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Fantastic Beasts Potion
These instructions will tell you how to make your very own fantastic beasts using a magical potion. You'll need a few simple ingredients and a cauldron or something to brew your potion in.

1. Water

Fantastic Beasts Potion

The first ingredient you'll need is some traditional water, about one cubic-litre should be enough.

2. Barbet Schweitzer

Fantastic Beasts Potion

The you'll need one test tube's worth of barbet schweitzer, a blue semi-fluid liquidette, which is known for bringing mythical creatures to life.

3. Remington Pulshaw

Fantastic Beasts Potion

Next you'll need to add a whole testing tube of remington pulshaw, but as it takes forever to pour - just do a little bit of it, until you get bored.

4. Boover's Guts

Fantastic Beasts Potion

The next ingredient you'll need is some boover's guts. Pour one jar full of the guts into your cauldron.

5. Denterman Dust

Fantastic Beasts Potion

If you have time and don't have to get home for dinner or anything, sprinkle in a dexworth flask of denterman dust.

6. A Cobbler

Fantastic Beasts Potion

Then add a cobbler to your potion. I'm using a purple one. Don't worry, it's alright to pour some of the cobbler brine into your mixture.

Fantastic Beasts Potion

Then you'll need to stir your mixture until it's been stirred so much that it changes from an electric blue goo to an orange.

Fantastic Beasts Potion

You don't need much of the potion to make a fantastic beast, so dish out the potion into small containers. The potion won't activate until you add the final ingredient. The type of beast you get depends on this final ingredient, I'm using different types of dunlop spheres.


Fantastic Beasts Potion

A blue dunlop spheres created this beast, it's called a jellmet. A type of spiny serpent with a taste for human flesh. They're harmless when they're small, but once they're fully grown jellmets make great home security systems to deter cold callers.


Fantastic Beasts Potion

The blue sphere created this, a dobbler. A nasty little beast that can jump up to five meters in the air, and if it bites you will make you sleep for 40 years.

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