How To Summon Alien Life To Earth Using Magic

December 02, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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Here's how to brew a potion to call a UFO and meet an actual alien life form from outer space that you can then keep around the home.

For this potion you'll need a self-stirring cauldron and then add the following ingredients.

1. Plasmatic Metal

Alien Potion

First you'll need a small sheet of plasmatic metal, you can find this around the Roswell crash site.

2. Purity

Alien Potion

Next you'll need some Purity, more commonly referred to as "black oil". Be careful not to make contact with this deadly alien virus.

3. Acetic Acid

Alien Potion

The add some acetic acid from the swamps of Raxacoricofallapatorius.

4. Beryllium Spheres

Alien Potion

Nexy pour in a coltech of beryllium spheres.

5. Grey Milk

Alien Potion

Then finally pour in a whole bottle of any size of grey milk.

6. A Flying Saucer

Alien Potion

Finally you'll need to add one flying saucer of the sweet candy variety. Then activate your self-stirring cauldron and leave the mixture to mature over night.

Alien Potion

The next day take on drop of the potion and drip the drop on to a chesterfield plate. Sprinkle over some salt and you the plate will start to vibrate and emit a high pitched screech.

Alien Potion

This tone is detectable by passing alien space crafts, so after 10 to 20 minutes or so you should find yourself joined by an extra terrestrial visitor.

Of course this is just one specific type of alien, there are in fact hundreds of different types of alien. The most common type of alien you’ll find on earth is the rabbit. Rabbits came to our planet in 1967 after their home planet was destroyed.

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