Most Haunted At The Judge's Lodging, Presteigne, Part Two - Series 21, Episode 10 Review

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This is the second part of a two-part investigation of the Judge's Lodging in Presteigne, Wales. You can read about the first half of the investigation here, or read more reviews, and episode guides in my Most Haunted section.
The Judge's Lodgings, Wales

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Last Time

Last time, Yvette Fielding and the rest rest of the Most Haunted team had a dramatic start to the episode. During their initial filming in the building, before the lights went out, they experienced a whole host of activity which the team believed to be paranormal.

The strange happenings started while recording pieces to camera in various part of the lodging and courtroom, which were first used in 1829, and over more than 150 years was a place where hundreds of people were tried for their crimes, many of whom paid the ultimate price for their misdemeanours and were sentenced to death.

Even before the lights went out, the team experienced numerous objects which were seemingly thrown around the rooms they were filming in. Including two old, heavy, silver inkwells, a knife and fork, and a large bread basket.

Yvette summed up the previous episode in a voice over, saying, "with a history of incarceration, death and judgement, no wonder we've already been terrified beyond belief," before cutting to a clip where she shrieks, "it's a fork".

And with the terror of the fork fresh in our minds, Most Haunted's investigation of the Judge's Lodgings continues...

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The Paranormal Drama Continues...

Yvette Fielding & Glen Hunt At The Judge's Lodging

The second episode picked up where we left off last time, with Yvette and the show's resident skeptic, Glen Hunt in the old courtroom. The episode started with a classic ghost hunting line from Yvette, "hello, is there anybody here?"

And they seemed to get a few bangs and knocks in response, some terrifyingly loud.

Meanwhile, Karl Beattie, the show's demonologist Fred Batt and camera man Gregg Smith left the kitchen where they were at the end of the last episode, and made there was into a small bedroom with an adjoining pantry.

Just like in the kitchen in the previous episode, again a basket was thrown, this time in the bedroom.
Yvette Fielding & Fred Batt At Judge's Lodging

The team then re-grouped in the kitchen where Yvette and Fred had a bit of a disagreement after Fred said "I said earlier on in the kitchen, you've got to be careful, there's a lot of knives lying around."

Yvette replied with, "oh shut up, Fred!" Fred stood his ground, "well, no, there is," he retorted. But Yvette was having none of it, "I know, but why say that now?" She shouldn't have asked, Fred's answer: "In case you get stabbed."

This was enough for Yvette, "get out!" she demanded as she walked away.

The team then tried some table tipping around the large kitchen table, which proved to be unsuccessful other than a few initial creaks.

The group split up again, Glen and Gregg stayed in the kitchen where they heard more disembodied bangs, and once again tried table tipping, which again didn't seem to entice any spirits to interact. Glen also said he thought he saw a figure at the end of a corridor, which was the same location Yvette had thought she saw something earlier.
Yvette Fielding & Karl Beattie At The Judge's Lodging

Meanwhile, Yvette and hubby Karl were exploring the lower floors in the dark, when they suddenly heard the tinkering of a glass. Heading in the direction of the sound, they found themselves in a dining room, the table was set with crockery, cutlery and glassware. It seemed likely this was the source of the sound.

Soon after entering the room a ladle was seemingly thrown from the table. Yvette heard a tapping coming from one of the portraits that adorned the walls, she she suspected the spirit might be that of the subject of the painting.

Yvette called out to the spirits, "is it the right honourable Sir Thomas Frankland Lewis?" No sooner had she finished speaking, tapping sounds were heard, "did you hear that? Two for yes".

Things got a little more sinister when Yvette suggested that it felt like the ghost of a man was following them. Karl added, "I think we're being stalked, it feels more like that." Yvette even said she thought she heard the stalker, "it just made this noise.... uhhhhhh."

Karl butted in, "I didn't make a noise like that, I haven't made a noise like that in years." Which resulted in Yvette telling him to "shut up."

The pair left the dining room and huddle in the darkness at the bottom of the stairs, Karl was suddenly alerted to something at the top of the stairs. "It was like something crawling," he said to an already terrified Yvette.

She panicked, "don't be stupid! What are you saying that for?" It was clear Yvette didn't want to hang around when there was a ghost crawling about around them. Getting serious with Karl, she said "let's go, I'm not being around when there's something, you're saying you're seeing crawling on the stairs. Are you having some sort of joke? I'm not in this to be a part in the film 'The Ring', do you hear me? Let's go and get the others."
Yvette Fielding At The Judge's Lodging

After the scare, Yvette needed some time alone and went to the courtroom for a lone vigil where she hears "clicks and stuff" and the distinct sound of footsteps which lasted several seconds.

Gregg was upstairs in the living quarters, Glen was down in the "dark" and "depressing" cells on his own and Karl decided to stay on the lower floor, where he'd previously been with Yvette.

While in this area of the building alone, he heard a door swing closed on its own. Karl said, "that actually scared the crap out of me." He then witnessed a light swinging in a small living room on its own, before the handle of the door to that room began to rattle. Karl ran to the door and opened it to find no one there.

And with that, the 21st series of the long-running ghost hunting show came to an end. There were a couple of slow episodes this series, but on the whole it's been a great watch once again with quite an epic Halloween special halfway through.
If you missed any of this series on Really, you can watch previous episodes of Most Haunted on demand on the UKTV Player.

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