Keith Lemon's Catchphrases

May 11, 2013 4:18 PM ‐ Television
Celebrity Juice
Keith Lemon, the bang tidy host of ITV's Celebrity Juice and Lemonaid has some of the best catchphrases in showbiz, here are some of my favourites...


When you feel overwhelmed and can't find a word to describe it.
Context: "Look at the rack on that, ooosh!"

Bang tidy

According to Keith, bang tidy means "I fink you is well sexy".
Context: "There's Holly Willaboobies doing daytime telly, bang tidy!"


The Irish name for a potato, often said in a high Louis Walsh style voice.
Context: "Hi John/Edward, I saved you a po-ta-to!"

Don't be a dingbat

A dingbat is a person considered stupid or foolish, don't be one.
Context: "Come on, work it out. Don't be a dingbat!"


Used as an interjection in making an announcement or revealing something.
Context: "And the scores at the end of that round are… shit-ting!"

Simple as peas

If something is as simple as peas, it is very easy indeed.
Context: "It's just a guessing game, it's as simple as peas."


Sec-tor is the American word for sector, as in a sector of pizza.
Context: "Pick a sector, or if you're American that's sec-tor."


A lesbikon is female who is sexually attracted to another female.
Context: "Fearne, are you a lesbikon now?"

VT, that stands for video tape

Do you know what VT stands for? It stand for video tape. Run VT (video tape).
Context: "Run VT, that stands for video tape."

Smash your back doors in

To smash ones back doors in means to loving penetrate the bottom of a partner.
Context: "Holly Willaboobies, I would smash her back doors in!"

I would destroy her

To destroy someone sexually, similar to "a good seeing to".
Context: "Mel B, you are beautiful, I would destroy you."

Choose a categ-or-or-or-y

When someone needs to chose a category this is a good phrase to say to them.
Context: "Choose a categ-or-or-or-y from the giant Closer-er-er-er magazine."

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