Laurence Llewelyn Bowen Opens Up About His Haunted House On 'Good Morning Britain'

March 08, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ TelevisionParanormal

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Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted: Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
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Laurence Llewelyn Bowen, the well-known interior designer and television personality, has spoken out about the ghosts in his 17th-century Cotswold manor house.

Appearing on ITV's 'Good Morning Britain', the renowned designer spoke about his appearance in a new episode of 'Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted', in which his daughter Cecile shared her experiences with what she believed to be a haunting in the family home.

Speaking to presenters Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid live from his home, Laurence explained that when he purchased the house 15 years ago, it was already well-known for being an incredibly haunted building.

He joked, "I can only assume that the ghosts are either rather starstruck or slightly frightened by what I've done with the place." Laurence went on to explain that the ghosts are believed to be related to the 67 Quakers who are buried in the garden of the property, and added, "I don't think that my style and interior decoration is necessarily very Quaker friendly."

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Laurence Llewelyn Bowen
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In the episode of 'Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted', Laurence and his daughter Cecile meet paranormal experts, Barri Ghai, Jayne Harris and Ian Lawman, as they attempt to get to the bottom of Cecile's moving experience.

Laurence described the incident, "in a funny sort of way, it was a very protective feeling experience. She'd just had her first baby Albion and, you know, time was quite tough for her, she was finding it very, very difficult. And she was in one of the bedrooms, putting Albion to sleep, she left the room and then heard what she believes to be the sort of very forceful but quite calming sense of shushing."

Laurence continued, "it was interesting because the crew from the programme felt that this linked very closely to a midwife, a 17th century midwife, called Elizabeth who had in fact been pushed down the stairs here because of her Quaker faith."

He went on to explain that the link with the specific history of the house and the discovery of something so emotionally charged was one of the most significant outcomes of the experience for him and his family. He said, "actually ghosts or no-ghosts aside, the link with the specific history of this house, the fact that we journalistically found out something so incredibly emotive." Laurence added, "we left that experience feeling extremely respectful."

Laurence says he's still looking for that "Scooby Doo moment" when a ghost taps him on the shoulder. He told Richard and Susanna, "I'm afraid to say no ghosts as far as I'm concerned. I'm constantly putting myself in the right kind of frame of mind," joking, "dressed like Madame Arcati from 'Blithe Spirit,' but then that's how I do most Mondays."

He concluded, "but so far, nothing." Nevertheless, the designer and his family have developed a deep respect for the history and legacy of their home, which they now share with both the living and the dead.

Laurence is just one of six celebs who feature in the new series of 'Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted', which began last month exclusively on Discovery+. Already the team have investigated the home of dance star Louie Spence, with investigations of the homes of Simon Gregson, Marnie Simpson, Jake Quickenden and Lady Colin Campbell still to come.

The investigation of Laurence's house is available to watch on demand on Discovery+ now, with the next episode of 'Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted' dropping next Friday.

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