Learn To Play Creepy Renditions Of Your Favourite Ghostly Songs

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Halloween has already passed by this year, but it is never too early to think about next year’s events. If you are a musician or attempting to learn a new instrument, then adding a few songs to your repertoire now will mean you can play them perfectly next Halloween.
Learning to play an instrument is a great hobby, and choosing music that inspires you, or that you enjoy, will make practice sessions more enjoyable.
Although movie theme tunes might not be the choice for everyone if you have an interest in hauntings, and ghosts, then combining that with a love of music makes perfect sense. Anyone interested in Stranger Things playlists including the theme tune could certainly enjoy learning to play these types of songs. 

Why would you want to learn songs from horror movies and creepy shows?

Movie theme tunes are a popular choice for tutorials on YouTube and informative websites. They are often extremely recognizable and make a change from learning Stairway to Heaven.

One reason for learning some of these songs could be to perform at a Halloween party in the future. If you have friends that are keen on celebrating All Hallow’s Eve then you could put on a short playlist.

Also, playing songs from different musical genres is a very good idea when you are learning an instrument. Different musical styles help students to become better, and more versatile musicians. In short, playing theme tunes will go towards making you a more rounded musician.

And lastly, you could have fun freaking out your friends if you learn how to play that banjo song from Deliverance.
The scariest movie and TV show theme tunes
Some songs from movies and shows are disturbing and chilling in their own right. Others are quite melodic and enjoyable but are attached to shiver-inducing movies.

When you look at some of the creepiest horror movie theme songs ever, you would have to include Psycho, Jaws, and The Omen. Creepshow too provided its audience with an excellent piano-based intro theme.

TV shows over the years have also produced some highly memorable musical moments.

While the Addams Family is neither scary nor horrifying, the subject matter still fits here, and the theme tune is extremely well-known. Other shows attempted to bring the horror and fear of cinema movies to the small screen, and with them, they also gave viewers great theme tunes.

The British TV show, Tales of the Unexpected, disturbed viewers with not only its sinister storylines but its equally worrying intro credit tune. And of course, one show that can’t be ignored in this area is Twilight Zone. More on this classic piece of television a little further down.

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The best theme songs for pianos

Depending on what instrument you play, you might be looking for some piano tracks to learn. Learning easy piano songs can be as simple as using a music education site to display the chords on screen for you. Further down the article, you can read how to do this to speed up learning new songs.
In the meantime though, have a look at some of the most perfect horror theme tunes for the piano.
Ave Santi, the theme from The Omen, is a perfect example of a song that can be learned on the piano. But, it is not alone. The piano it turns out is a popular choice of instrument for horror movie composers. Here are some of the best ones.

• Candyman - Philip Glass
• Halloween - John Carpenter
• Exorcist - Mike Oldfield
• Nightmare on Elm Street - Charles Bernstein
The latter is a great choice for anyone wanting to learn something very recognizable, and chilling, as is the Halloween theme. If you want a little fun, pop over to YouTube and search for the Michael Myers song request video.

Best horror theme songs for guitar

If you are lucky enough to have a friend who plays keyboards or piano, then you could team up for one of the best theme songs to have emerged in recent times.
In the House - In a Heartbeat was composed by John Murphy, and delivers a wonderful simple piano intro that builds into a guitar track that is foreboding but highly listenable.
If you want to learn a rather unusual guitar riff, but one that will be extremely recognizable, then try the intro from the Twilight Zone. It carries very well on guitar.

What about the ukulele?

One of the most widespread instruments being played today is the ukulele. This instrument has become highly popular with professional musicians, and amateurs looking for an affordable way to start playing music. You might not think that a ukulele could work well with horror movie themes, but a quick search for the Halloween theme on ukulele on YouTube would prove you wrong. Then, of course, there is the obvious choice. Dueling Banjos, the theme from Deliverance, is a must-learn song for any ukulele player.

The biggest horror movie of all time

According to Forbes, the biggest and most successful horror movie of all time is IT from Stephen King. The main theme tune may not sound like it would lend itself so much to being played by an individual, but it does.

Every 27 Years is the main theme from the biggest horror movie ever, from the genre’s most prolific writer. The song fits perfectly to being played on the piano too.

How do you go about learning these songs?

Now you have some idea of what songs you might want to learn, the question becomes, how do you learn them?

Well, there are a few options here. A search on the internet may provide some sheet music for many famous theme tunes. There are also numerous tutorials on YouTube specifically for themes from these movies and shows. Alternatively, if you can play by ear then you could teach yourself the chords needed.

If none of these methods are appealing, then you could use a music education site. Downloading the Chordify app or visiting the website can help with learning chords. This particular app displays chords from any song, including theme tunes, so it makes learning them that much easier. 

The most successful horror movie theme tune

Possibly the most successful piece of music to emerge from a horror movie would be the Exorcist’s use of Tubular Bells.

As The Guardian reported in 1999, the movie was approved for video release uncut, a full 25 years after its initial theater release. It was certainly a controversial movie with many church-going people, and many towns in the US and UK banned it from their local cinemas.

The album Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield went on to sell millions of copies, and even now it is impossible to hear without thinking about the Exorcist and its horrors.


A good horror or creepy movie plays on deep-rooted fears that the audience holds. That may be the fear of the unknown, the afterlife, ghosts, or even a great white shark. The music that accompanies these movies is composed to match the mood.

Great composers such as John Williams, know how to build up the tension, let it subside and lull the audience into a false sense of security, and then make them jump out of their seats.

Learning a few of these songs could help provide some similar sinister, but fun, moments at next year’s Halloween party.

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