Mansion House To Cannon Street: Amazing Tube Dash

September 17, 2014 10:06 AM ‐ YouTube
Tube Dash
For most people riding public transport, the biggest challenge is to not make eye contact with anyone creepy, but James Heptonstall challenged himself to dash off the London Underground and beat the train to the next station.

James made his dash between Mansion House and Cannon Street on the Circle Line. James jumped off the tube at Mansion House and ran 380m to Cannon Street where 1 minute and 20 seconds later he jumped back on to the same train.

Along the way he had to traverse two flights of stairs consisting of 75 steps and pass through two ticker barriers.

James filmed his challenge with the help of friends and a GoPro mounted on his head. The video which was uploaded to YouTube about a month ago is fast approaching a million views.


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