Most Haunted Quiz Of The Year 2019

December 29, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ GamesMost HauntedParanormalTelevision
Yvette Fielding At HMP Shrewsbury
It's been a busy year for the Most Haunted team and a year of change. The gang have embarked on their first live investigation in front of an audience in almost ten years, they've brought fans ten new episodes, and a whole host of new content on YouTube.

The show's host, Yvette Fielding, has also had a busy year. She had several television appearance and event published her first ever kid's book.

How much do you remember about the team's year? Try these 20 tricky end of year quiz that will challenge any Most Haunted fan...

1. At Halloween Yvette and the team embarked on a live investigation of which location?

2. What piece of furniture seemingly lifted off of the floor during the team's investigation of Guy's Cliffe House?

3. Which television gameshow did Yvette appear on this year?

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4. Mary Beattie joined the Most Haunted team for the first time during which 2019 episode?

5. The fictional town that features in Yvette's children's book that was published this year is based on a real town in which English county?

6. A metal pipe was thrown several times at which member of the at Kelham Hall?

7. What is the name of the ghost hunting boy that features in Yvette's book?

8. Which familiar face made a return to the show as a guest investigator this year?

9. Which of these ITV chat show has Yvette not appeared as a gust on this year?

10. Yvette teamed up with Argos for a Halloween event to promote a new sets of which popular toy?

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Most Haunted At Kelham Hall

11. At which 2019 location did Karl Beattie find an office chair spinning in a corridor?

12. Karl and Stuart witnessed which object move in the hallway of the prefab house at Eden Camp?

13. Which member of the team was hit in the stomach by an unseen force during the 'Most Haunted Short' at HMP Shrewsbury?

14. The team investigated an abandoned house in Manchester this year, but what was it called?

15. Yvette and her daughter returned to which haunted location for an investigation that they streamed live on YouTube?

16. What was the location of Most Haunted's first investigation back in June filmed exclusively for their new YouTube channel?

17. Most Haunted left the Really channel this year, but how many series were shown on the channel in total?

18. On their YouTube channel the team treated fans to unseen vigils from which location that featured in a 2019 episode?

19. Crew members Jenny and Lou experienced a door opening on its own in which part of Eden Camp?

20. In a viral video posted online earlier this year, what unfortunate event happened to Karl?


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