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Most Haunted At Codnor Castle Cottage
In January, Yvette Fielding kicked off the 22nd series of Most Haunted by spending a night behind bars at the truly terrifying Steelhouse Lane Lock-Up in Birmingham.

The team also visited Dudley Castle, which was the location for the first ever Most Haunted Live in 2002 and has recently been named the most haunted castle in the UK.

The series included an epic two-hour special film at an isolated and very spooky farmhouse in Derbyshire where a creepy doll which was said to be cursed burst into flames.

With all this action and ghostly goings on, how much can you remember about the series? Test your knowledge with these 20 tricky questions...

1. What was the name of the former inmate of Birmingham Central Lockup that the team made contact with during a seance?

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2. In which location did the team encounter the spirit of a school master?

Most Haunted Chair On Door Codnor Castle Cottage

3. When the team found a chair balance on top of an open door at Codnor Castle Cottage, how did Stuart Torevell describe it?

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4. What was the attic of Beaumanor Hall originally used for?

5. What did Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell hear in the undercroft of Dudley Castle?

6. What was the retired fire fighter from the Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service's opinion of the cause of the burning doll?

7. What did the team find floating in a shallow bucket of water in the tower of the Moat House?

Most Haunted At Beaumanor Hall

8. What type of entity is said to haunt the stairs in the attic of Beaumanor Hall?

9. Which member of the team suggested that the doll that spontaneously caught alight at Codnor Castle Cottage should be "buried about three foot down?"

10. What happened at Llanfyllin Union Workhouse which Stuart Torevell described as "poltergeist activity at its finest?"

11. When the first handful of coins were thrown in the attic of Codnor Castle Cottage, how many did the team count?

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12. Which location that the team investigated is the spirit of John de Somery said to haunt?

Llanfylin Union Workhouse

13. What piece of furniture was thrown several times in the infirmary at Llanfyllin Union Workhouse?

14. Which member of the Most Haunted team really didn't like the creepy doll that Yvette Fielding brought into Codnor Castle Cottage?

15. What type of ghost hunting gadgets lit up for Karl in a corridor at Beaumanor Hall?

16. Which typically Welsh name was spelt out on the ouija board at Llanfyllin Union Workhouse?

17. What happened to the locked off camera at the end of the episode at Birmingham Central Lockup?

Most Haunted At Beaumanor Hall

18. What form of communication did Glen Hunt use to communicate with spirits at Beaumanor Hall?

19. Which member of the team did not want to be part of the investigation on the upper floor of the Moat House in Tamworth?

20. Who said "when I was 14 I ran away with the fairground" during the series?

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