Glen Hunt Reveals Most Haunted's Most Convincing Evidence Of The Paranormal

April 27, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ ParanormalMost HauntedTelevision

This article is more than five years old and was last updated in May 2022.

Glen Hunt & Yvette Fielding

Over the years Yvette Fielding's team of ghost hunters have captured plenty of evidence of paranormal activity on the long-running show Most Haunted.

But has any of the evidence convinced the show's resident skeptic, Glen Hunt to change his stance on the supernatural.

Glen has recently revealed the four moments that he's been the most impressed by since joining the team in 2015, but despite all this evidence, is Glen still a skeptic? He says, "yes, an open minded one at that."

Glen recently said in a live online Q&A that all of the activity he has experienced is 100% real, "I just don't know what the hell is doing it. It's a real energy, I just don't know what the chuff it is."

Glen says he's left questioning whether the paranormal is really the spirit of the dead or something else we don't yet understand.

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Standon Hall, Staffordshire

Standon Hall Wheelchair Moves On Its Own

The team were preparing to investigate the derelict areas of the Standon Hall estate. It's said that the abandoned outbuildings have a strange atmosphere and that visitors have seen the ghosts of doctors and nurses. There are reports of doors slamming and crying in the dead of night.

While Karl Beattie was roaming the corridors with a camera getting footage ahead of the investigation, it seemed something was trying to get his attention. While alone in the building a wheelchair rolled out in front of Karl and was caught on camera. Karl instantly ran along the corridor and checked all the adjoining rooms to ensure the building was in fact empty. Unable to find a cause for the moving wheelchair, Karl said "this place is scaring me to death."

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Croxteth Hall, Liverpool

Most Haunted Scissors Cutting Yvette

During Most Haunted's investigation of Croxteth Hall, Glen was running an EVP experiment in the kitchen and while reviewing the audio recording with Yvette, he discovered something odd had been captured.

It seems that Glen's equipment captured what sounded like scissors snipping, on hearing the sound Yvette covered her mouth in shock, "oh my God!"

The cutting sound was captured on both the laptop in digital form and on Glen's old analogue reel-to-reel tape recorder. Yvette doesn't like it at all, "I can't listen to this," adding "it's horrible, I really didn't think Corxteth Hall would be as violent as it has been".

The Judges' Lodgings, Presteigne

Yvette Fielding At The Judge's Lodging

Before the lights were out at the Judge's Lodging in Presteigne, Wales, Glen witnessed plenty of poltergeist activity. The team's nighttime vigil at the building which is said to be haunted by the spirit of the convicts, hadn't even got underway when the first bit of activity occurred.

Numerous objects which were seemingly thrown around the rooms they were filming in. On the upper floor, in one of the bedrooms, two old, heavy, silver inkwells were thrown four times with a bang.

Later on in the kitchen, a knife and fork were heard clattering has they hit the stone floor from an unknown source. Several other objects also moved seemingly on their own, and most impressively, a large bread basket was thrown across the room, landing with a bang as it hit the wall and fell to the floor.

Yvette described this activity as "extraordinary" and "brilliant" and took this as a sign of a good investigation, "we're in for a bit of a night tonight, guys. I'm just telling you now."

Hill House, Sandbach

Glen Hunt At Hill House Most Haunted

While Glen was filming his initial walk around of the first floor of Hill House with Yvette, he saw something odd. The corridor the were in is known to have a negative atmosphere and is right near the location where the unconfirmed hanging took place.

After hearing some tapping Yvette was calling out to the spirits, "hello, how many of you are there watching us right now?" There were four taps in response. Yvette then asked, "are you happy for us to be here? two for yes, one for no," but there were six taps.

Karl speculated that as there are four of them they might all have different answers, but they didn't get to test this theory because Glen suddenly looked very concerned. Confused he said, "Gregg, you're here, I just realised. Before we came through that door, I actually saw someone go into that room, I just assumed it was you but I actually saw a physical person." Camera man Gregg Smith said he hadn't even been in that room.
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