My friend did amazingly on X Factor last night!

October 13, 2010 11:52 PM ‐ Television

I have to tell you about my really odd dream I had last night, it starred one of my friends who was once a contestant on Deal Or No Deal.

X Factor

I think I dreamt about it because I watch a few Deal Or No Deal on 4OD yesterday and then sat through the whole TWO HOURS of The X Factor and I think my brain merged my mate in DOND with X Factor.

So in the dream, I was watching the X Factor and my mate was in the final 12 but I don't know how he got there because he was the worst by far, he's singing was awful and he was certain to get voted out.

But before his performance they showed a clip of Dannii Minogue who had this weird hydraulic clothes rail. It was like a T-shape and you could hang clothes on the horizontal bar and the vertical poll could by hydraulically extended and contracted to let you alter the height of the clothes rail(???).

Dannii was really upset in this clip because her hydraulic clothes rail was broken, it wouldn't go up and down. Then, my mate, after his performance brought out a brand new clothes rail which look amazing, it looked better than the original one and he gave it to Dannii and told her he had made it. It was built using a coat stand and some other things from his dressing room.

Because he had been so nice to Dannii the audience loved him even though his singing was rubbish and the public kept him in.

Then later the judges were in a crowd of people talking to some journalists about him and they couldn't believe he had made the clothes rail himself and then Louis said my mate had been given a contract with someone and they were going to be mass producing his clothes rail.

So it ended up more like Dragon's Den!! Anyone any good at dreaming meanings? What does all this mean? Let me know in the comments if you have any ideas.


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