Haunted Pluckley & The YouTuber Invasion Ruining Its Charm

November 15, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal
Pluckley Church, Kent
Pluckley, a quaint village in Kent, once famed for being the filming location of the TV show 'Darling Buds Of May,' has garnered a more sinister reputation as Britain's "most haunted" village. This label, attracting a myriad of ghost hunters and thrill-seekers, particularly around Halloween, has significantly impacted the village and its residents.

In an attempt to explore this YouTube invasion, Paul Rose AKA Mr Biffo has gone to Pluckley himself to see how bad things have become. Doesn't this make him part of the problem? Probably, but the aim was to expose the problem. After running into several ghost hunting parties on a night-time visit to the infamous Dering Woods, they made their point.

The video, uploaded to Mr Biffo's YouTube channel Digitiser, features 'Dan Does,' as they explore Pluckley's haunted claims and the effect of ghost hunting tourism on the village. Initially drawn by its spooky fame, the team quickly observes the downside of such notoriety. Pluckley, once a quiet village, now faces issues with anti-social behaviour and damage caused by outsiders. For example, we're told that in one Halloween season, ยฃ41,000 worth of damage was reported, a significant impact for a small community.

A visit to Dering Wood, near Pluckley, reveals more about the village's haunted reputation. Stories of unexplained lights, noises, and disappearances have circulated, but Digitiser's investigation suggests these tales are modern fabrications, not found in historical records. The team finds that the stories enhancing Pluckley's haunted image mainly stem from ghost hunting websites and tabloid embellishments, rather than any verifiable historical accounts.

The most famous claim about Pluckley is that it was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as England's most haunted village, but even this is untrue. While the village was mentioned in a side note in the 1989 edition, Guinness only issues world records and not regionally specific ones. Therefore, "England's most haunted village" isn't a Guinness recognised record. Plus, the side note is headed with "Most haunted village?" Note the question mark. There is more on this here.

The video discusses the annoyance of locals with the influx of ghost hunters, especially during Halloween. The villagers have had to increase security measures to manage the crowds that descend upon their town, often leaving behind a trail of disturbances and disrespect towards local landmarks and private properties.

While exploring the haunted sites, the Digitiser team encounters several ghost hunting groups, further proving the village's overrun state by external visitors. These groups often engage in loud activities, disrupting the peace and intruding on private spaces. This experience leads to a critical realisation: the ghost hunters themselves, rather than ghosts, are the real menace haunting Pluckley.

The team also visits the village's church, another supposed haunted site, where the legend of the Dering family, prominent in local lore, is discussed. Despite the eerie tales, their night in Pluckley passes without any paranormal encounters, further casting doubt on the village's haunted reputation.

Digitiser's visit to Pluckley highlights a notable dilemma. The village, renowned for its paranormal fame, attracts numerous ghost hunters and enthusiasts, especially during Halloween. However, this influx of visitors, often seeking supernatural experiences, has imposed a significant burden on the local community. Despite its reputation as one of Britain's most haunted villages, Pluckley's true challenge seems to be managing the real-world impact of its ghostly fame.

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