BBC Radio 1 50th Birthday Quiz

September 08, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ GamesRadio

BBC Radio 1 turns 50 years old this month but how much do you know about the history of the world's most famous radio station?

BBC Radio 1
From the breakfast show, the most coveted radio gig in the UK, this quiz will test your knowledge of Tony Blackburn, the first breakfast host, to Chris Evans and the show's current host Nick Grimshaw. You'll also need to know about Radio 1 controversies from the last five decades including the songs they've banned, and the DJs who've been sacked.

From the Chart Show, to drive time, to some of the station's most obscure programmes to ever make it onto the schedule, this quiz will challenge even the biggest Radio 1 anorak.

1. Which DJ took over the breakfast show from its first ever host Tony Blackburn?

2. What was the original medium wave frequency of Radio 1?

3. Which of these celebrities was an X Factor judge alongside Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw?

4. Which Radio 1 DJ climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief?

5. Which of these DJs has never presented the chart show?

6. Before going it alone, who did Zoë Ball present the breakfast show with?

7. What was the first ever song played on Radio 1?

8. Which comedian was behind the late 90s Radio 1 comedy show 'Blue Jam?'

9. What was the name of the fictional dog Tony Blackburn brought with him from Radio Caroline?

10. Which of these was never a sidekick on Scott Mills show?

11. Which song did Radio 1 and the BBC famously ban in 1984?

12. Which events replaced the axed Radio 1 Roadshows in 2000?

13. Who has been the host of the long-running show the 'Essential Mix' since 1993?

14. What is the real name of "the one who doesn't speak?"

15. Which Radio 1 DJ made the sound effect "quack quack oops" famous?

16. Chris Evans quit the Radio 1 breakfast show because the station's bosses wouldn't let him do what?

17. What was the name of Radio 1's Great Portland Street studios?

18. Which Radio 1 DJ famously quit on air with the words "changes are being made here which go against my principles?"

19. Who was sacked after failing to show up for their show while broadcasting from Ibiza?

20. Before it moved into the same building as Radio 1, where was the Live Lounge?


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