Rob DJ's Monday Night Pub Quiz

September 07, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ GamesRadio
As BBC Radio 1 celebrates its 50th birthday this month, I thought I'd recreate one of the station's most memorable features and get busy with the quizzy. A special anniversary edition of 'Rob DJ's Monday Night Pub Quiz' as originally heard on Chris Moyles' show.

Snizzle ma quizzle, you mother! In case you aren't familiar with the game basically Moyles' friend "Rob DJ" hosts a pub quiz in Leeds, England. Moyles and his team would answer some of the quiz questions on air the next morning.

When I say "pub" you say "quiz". Pub... Did I hear "quiz?" Well in this anniversary edition of the quiz, the questions were all originally read out on The Chris Moyles Show. The multiple choice answers for each question are all real answers given by Moyles and his team during the quiz.

The rules are simple. Rob's answers are final, so even if you don't think they're right, you'll only get the points if you have exactly what he has on his answer sheet.

Now we don't want any cheating, so before we start, turn your texts off and make sure your phones are out of your area.

Pens ready, papers steady, let's quiz...

1. Which is the world's largest mountain range?

2. Which imaginary line on the Earth's surface lies largely at 180 degrees of longitude?

3. From 1714 to 1830, all British monarchs were called what?

4. Which planet appears brightest in the sky to the naked eye?

Back To The Future 2

5. In the film 'Back To The Future' what year did Marty and Doc go back to?

6. Name the artist who had a hit with 'Harder To Breath' in 2004?

7. Which surname beginning with 't' was the subject of the first of the Mr. Men book?

8. What is the most popular paid for UK tourist attraction?

9. Which film hero was named after George Lucas' pet dog?

10. What is the third largest city in the US by population?

11. What type of nuts are used to make marzipan?

12. Statler and Waldorf appeared in which children's television series?

13. Artic King, Saladin and Tom Thumb are which types of vegetable?

14. In computer terms you use a POP3 to receive emails via an internet service provider, but what does it stand for?

15. Which of the following has the most calories?

Psychic Dog

16. What did dogs need until 1987?

17. What did a 1983 survey claim that nine out of ten women had that were too small?

18. Which type of biscuit shares its name with a European royal house that ruled from 1589 to 1792?

19. Name the artist who had a hit with 'Flashdance' in 2004?

20. If cats are feline, which animals are ovine?


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