'Spooked Scotland' Bloopers: Team Trapped Locked In Stirling's Old Jail

July 28, 2022 5:51 PM ‐ TelevisionParanormal

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'Spooked Scotland' Bloopers
Gail Porter, Chris Fleming, Ryan O'Neill and Evelyn Hollow might present themselves as professional ghost hunters who know exactly what they're doing, but sometimes on investigations things go wrong.

Ryan shared the funny clip from behind the scenes of 'Spooked Scotland' on his YouTube channel, Scottish Paranormal. It was shot at Stirling Old Town Jail and shows the four investigators trapped inside the infamous old jail, which is famous for its blood-soaked history of violence, torture and execution.

In the short clip, Chris, the show's resident psychic medium is heard saying, "we walked in, we closed the door and now we're locked in. We can't even get out," while the rest of the team laugh about their predicament.

The jail, and the neighbouring Cowane's Hospital featured in the third episode of the series and followed the team as they attempted to discover whether all the aggressive paranormal activity plaguing the jail is down to Stirling's very own poltergeist. The episode proved to be one of Chris' toughest challenges yet when a spirit got a little too physical with him.

Throughout the series, which is available to stream in full now on Discovery+, viewers across the United Kingdom have been introduced to many of Scotland's paranormal hotspots, starting off on the Isle of Arran where the sinister Brodick Castle threw up some interesting evidence suggesting links to fairies.

The final episode of 'Spooked Scotland' airs on Really tomorrow night at 9pm and sees the team come together for one last time as they attempt to get to the bottom of the ghostly goings on at Verdant Works, one of Dundee's deadliest factories.

Gail and her crew are the first paranormal team to be given permission to investigate the factory, where they are given the run around by spectral children who lead them to an unexpected and terrifying part of this vast Victorian location.

It's this week been hinted on Twitter that the show might return for a second series, this time in Ireland, but Gail revealed that she's not being asked to return, instead the production company behind the show want an Irish host.

Gail wrote in a tweet: "Chris Fleming will be on the case for the next series. Unfortunately I won't be involved as it will be in Ireland and they don't want a Scottish presenter."

'Spooked Scotland' concludes tomorrow at 9pm on Really and the whole series is available to stream on demand on Discovery+. Really is available on Sky 142, Virgin 128, BT 17, Freeview 17, Freesat 160.

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