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The Schooner Hotel
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In the final episode of The ParaPod, supernatural believer Barry Dodds tells skeptic Ray Peacock about the most haunted hotel in the UK, The Schooner Hotel, a location that Barry has had personal spooky experiences in.

Barry starts off by giving us the basic details of this haunted location, The Schooner Hotel is in Alnmouth, Northumberland. And he says, "it's quite famous, it's known as the most haunted hotel in the country."

This title has been given to the hotel by The Poltergeist Society, to which Ray sarcastically quipped, "they're credible."

According to Barry, the hotel was originally used as a port, and the whole town has a reputation of smuggling.

The most haunted room in the hotel is room 28, it's said a family was murdered in the room but Barry says, "the details of this are sketchy." However he did add that, "the general vibe of it is, there was a family in there and he was a trader, he had a fallout with another trader with some salt. The other guy went and waited in the room with an ax and slaughtered the family."

Barry has stayed in room 28 himself, he said "if you're going to stay you may as well stay in room 28," Ray clarified, "if you're going to stay, you may as well stay in the murder room."

It's in this room that Barry confessed to having a very memorable night with a man called Neil and video camera. He also personally heard growling coming from the hotel's cellar.


Ray didn't really bother ripping apart Barry's stories relating to The Schooner Hotel specifically, but instead questioned Barry's greater belief in ghosts. And it's fair to see Barry was well and truly beaten.

The 'featured haunting' was actually fairly short in relation to the rest of this episode. Most of the discussion was around ghost hunting television shows, and the 'PD files' the part of the show where Barry and Ray read out emails sent in to them.

Ray 10 - Barry 0

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