Learn Voodoo & Poppet Magic In New Book 'Threads To Souls'

August 11, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ WitchcraftBooks
Laura Searle - Threads To Souls: An Exploration of Voodoo & Poppet Magic
The world of Voodoo has long been enshrouded in mystery, misconceptions, and sensationalism. Often associated with arcane rituals, voodoo dolls, and malicious curses, this complex practice has been largely misunderstood by mainstream society.

Laura Searle's new book, 'Threads To Souls: An Exploration of Voodoo & Poppet Magic,' aims to dispel these myths and offers an illuminating exploration into the true nature of Voodoo and Poppet Magic. The book is available now as a paperback from Amazon worldwide and as an eBook for Kindle.

Poppet Magic has an intricate history that spans thousands of years. Its roots can be traced to ancient Egypt and Greece, and its evolution is a complex web of cultural influences. As Laura uncovers in her book, the contemporary perception of voodoo dolls emerges from a combination of West African Vodun religion, Hoodoo folk magic, European folk traditions, and more.

The book explores how different cultures, including the captivating practices of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, have shaped the general appearance and understanding of voodoo dolls. It delves into the spiritual traditions of Hoodoo, the concept of Vodun bocio, and how they converged to form our present-day notion of a voodoo doll.

The association of voodoo dolls with New Orleans has persisted to this day, further complicating the history of this practice. Local businesses, Hollywood, and even a museum dedicated to voodoo have all contributed to the stereotype. Laura's book examines these influences and explores the intersection between the Vodun bocio and the pin-utilising practice of Hoodoo gris-gris.

'Threads To Souls' also delves into the practical applications of Poppet Magic, shedding light on its impressive versatility. Laura illustrates how Poppet Magic goes beyond the clichéd image of a tool for inflicting harm, revealing its potential to attract positive influences such as luck, wealth, or healing.

The book offers detailed guidance on crafting poppets for various purposes, from securing a desired job to family safety, healing, attracting love, silencing gossip, or even emergency magical interventions.

Laura paints a rich tapestry of poppet use across different cultures. From ancient Greece to West African tradition, the American Civil War era, and the influence of the Voodoo Museum of New Orleans, the author unravels the cultural imprint of the poppet. The book shares fascinating anecdotes, such as the story of Caroline of Brunswick's use of poppet magic against King George IV.

'Threads To Souls: An Exploration of Voodoo & Poppet Magic' is not just a guide to the craft but an exploration into the cultural, historical, and practical facets of voodoo. It serves as an eye-opening resource for curious about the true nature of this often-misunderstood practice.

Through an engaging blend of history, practical guidance, and cultural analysis, Laura offers a nuanced understanding of voodoo and its applications. Order your copy today on Amazon and dive into the exploration of a magical practice that's often misunderstood, yet profoundly influential and adaptable.

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